YouTube has finally announced a long awaited feature many longed for ages. Whenever users watched an exciting video on YouTube or came across a new song, they always share something every single day. Until now, they have been sharing the content either using other messaging apps like messenger or WhatsApp or sometimes they copy the link and send it through e-mail.

Seeking a permanent solution to this problem Google launched its pilot for You Tube in Canada. The results have been more than satisfactory hence the announcement comes today. YouTube has now made the solution available to its global user base.

Now with the new in-app sharing and messaging tool would let you share the videos directly with your contacts saved on your phone. All you need is to click on the share button on the app and your contacts will appear, you can select any contact from there and share it instantly. Of course, you have to allow user access.

This tool will also let you receive the comments and views of your friends about the video through messaging feature and few emoji options currently available. You can talk about the video you shared on the YouTube app and can also receive videos in the response to your video which makes sharing all the more exciting and fun.

There is more to it, you can share the videos not only with a single contact but also with the group of friends by creating a group using messaging feature. You can now have them all respond in a single thread. You can also leave the group if you do not like the conversation as you do in other messaging apps.

YouTube from today onwards will be more fun to get entertainment and infotainment since watching and sharing the academic or makeup tutorials is now app to app. This feature will let student share and discuss their concerned tutorials straightaway on the app which is really great.

YouTube has almost taken the place of mainstream entertainment already, and with this innovative feature for a video sharing app will certainly make increase its user-base by many folds. Way to Go!