Yahoo Singapore Launches Content Marketing Solution

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Yahoo Singapore announced this week that it’s now launched a content marketing solution that is able to help agencies and brands to leverage Yahoo Gemini better. The content marketing solution is called Yahoo Storytellers and is designed to allow marketers to easily develop, distribute and overall measure the premium brand of content that can meet consumer expectations to help drive engagement.

Rico Chan, the vice president and head of Southeast Asia, India and Hong Kong, said that a content marketing campaign that’s successful equals to just how well you know and understand your consumers. With Yahoo Storytellers, it allows for brands to create content that’s powerful and that’s able to engage the right type of audience.

With the use of Yahoo Storytellers, it will help different brands to build a much more successful content marketing strategy which can include premium video development, content consulting services, editorial content, as well as social influencer activations.

With over 170 brands that Yahoo has also partnered with to create campaigns that have been successful in the past, this new addition will allow brands to easily drive more measurable results for their campaigns by targeting the right people.

Content marketing is powerful and should be used more than what some brands do, and with the evolution of the Yahoo content marketing solution, it gives you the ability to easily take your content to a whole new marketing level.