What Is The Microsoft Surface Hub 2, And Why Are Businesses Making A Fuss?


If you’ve ever wanted to upgrade your business to next-level technology, Microsoft will probably be the kind of company to get your attention. After all, if its recent slate of Microsoft products are to be assessed, the tech giant is at the forefront of revolutionizing business technology. Part of its many surprises is the new Microsoft Surface Hub 2, the next stage of its original Microsoft Surface Hub. Given its many features and its hefty price, is this the kind of tech you want for your business?

The Microsoft Devices Blog described the primary push of the Surface Hub 2 is to cater to businesses that are continuously growing to have a collaborative and team-based culture. The blog also said the Surface Hub 2 is apt when helping emphasize productivity and creativity, given how companies who focus on collaborative working are now 5-times as likely to be high performing. The Surface Hub 2 will also be appropriate for workforces looking to grow their resources, given that half the global workforce will most likely be mobile in three (3) years. Given the hype that surrounded the original Surface Hub, what’s in the Surface Hub 2 that’s currently making businesses go gaga over it?


Upgrades Abound

microsoft surface hub 2Microsoft’s move for the Surface Hub 2 appears to be a counter when Google had launched its own digital whiteboard last year, which values at $5,000. This is $4,000 below the initial Surface Hub offering. Although the Surface Hub is definitely not cheap, it had been sold to more than 5,000 businesses across 25 countries – with more than half of them belonging to Fortune 100 companies. This makes the Surface Hub much more popular than any Surface device.

Microsoft may have to unveil the Surface Hub 2 soon, however, as it’s projected demand for the Surface Hub 1 will outsrip its supply. After all, Microsoft had just closed its manufacturing plant in the United States that was in charge of producing Surface Hub units last year. It can be remembered that Microsoft originally unveiled its Surface Hub last 2015, although its 4K models had only reached businesses in March 2016.

The tease on the Surface Hub 2 itself had barely scratched the surface of its many offerings. Carolina Milanesi at Creative Strategies told the Verge that this “pre-announcement” might be its nudge for businesses to prepare their budgets for the arrival of the new device. Of course, as to whether or not Microsoft will be able to stand up against competitors shooting for a cheaper enterprise alternative is a question that is yet to be answered.


Surface Hub 2: Launch Date, Release Price

For business ecstatic to get their hands on the Surface Hub 2, the might have to pause and consider two (2) tiny problems. The first is that it won’t be released until an unspecified specific 2019 date. The second is that it’s going to cost quite a bit of fortune to acquire. For instance, while the Surface Hub 1 had cost $9,000, and its 84-inch offering had an average price of $22,000.


The Takeaway: Tech Worth The Price

If this review is any indication, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is definitely a big gadget – both in terms of its sheer size and pricing. However, the jump in price does come justified with a slate of new and awesome features that your office will surely benefit from, especially if you’ve raised a kind of work culture that relies on actively collaborating with peers on ideas on real time. If you have the money to invest, getting a Surface Hub 2 is definitely something you should try.




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