What Are The Latest Foldable Smartphones?

Concept of foldable smartphone folding on the longer side with butterfly sitting on the screen. Flexible smartphone isolated on black background. 3D rendering

Once again, the smartphone industry has released its one of a kind innovation, and that’s the foldable smartphone.

As compared to the average phone, which is bulky and takes up a lot of room in a pocket, the foldable smartphone is very convenient. You may save some money from buying a new phone if you want to upgrade, and you don’t have to put your old phone in storage if you’re going to change carriers. Thus, making it a much cheaper option.

Moreover, foldable smartphones can fit into a purse or a pocket. Since it is small and light, it can be carried along during any outing you take.

If you want to buy one, look at these popular foldable smartphones:

1. Huawei

Huawei is once again giving foldable smartphones a second shot after debuting the first one last year. The company is set to sell it at its official store in Spain for just 2,499 Euros ($2,800), making the foldable phone much more expensive than the average smartphone on the market. The Mate Xs comes with a new folding hinge design that comes loaded with additional materials. It also has the latest technologies that give you better user experience.

With the latest foldable smartphone from Huawei, users can use the phone as a mobile PC. All you need is turn the phone into the iPad form and then fold it up. Users can switch between the PC and regular smartphone in a matter of seconds. This means you no longer need to carry your laptop around with you.

When folded, the phone has the following:

  • integrated camera
  • microSD card slot
  • speakers
  • LED indicator
  • 3.5mm headset jack.

In addition to the built-in camera, users can add their photo and video apps. There’s also an integrated virtual keyboard for those who like a physical keyboard but don’t want to bother with a tiny keyboard. The latest foldable smartphone from Huawei offers the latest features, such as the S Finder. It allows you to find your friends through the search engine of your social networking site.

However, the S Finder requires you to connect your smartphone to your PC to search for other users of your social network, like Facebook. It’ll only work if you have access to the S Browser. This can be advantageous if keeping in touch with your friends or relatives who live far away is your priority.

There’s no doubt that the latest foldable smartphone from Huawei has many advantages. From the high price to the advanced technology, it’s easy to see why this smartphone is such an excellent choice for busy people.

2. Samsung

Another primary foldable smartphone provider is Samsung. Unlike the Mate, this smartphone has more features than just basic connectivity options. The phone comes with a Wifi hotspot, and it also supports Bluetooth. Users can take pictures and videos by simply inserting their smartphones into the USB port of the camera.

However, taking photos with your smartphone requires buying the S Beam software that works with the Samsung Galaxy devices. If you have any contacts in your social

networks, you can quickly transfer the pictures to your friends without downloading them the software on your phone. This is a neat feature, but a minor one.


That’s the latest trend in the smartphone industry: the foldable smartphone. They look great and the foldable smartphones’ features are as useful as ever. They’re even more compact than the current smartphones in the market. Because you can turn these smartphones into bigger screens, you can fully enjoy using it.