5 Ways To Keep Your PC From Slowing Down


There are many ways to keep your PC from slowing down. Whether you have a high-end or ordinary computer, there are times it’ll lag while you’re using it. There are many reasons for such, and one of the most common problems is your computer hard drive’s running too slowly.

Fortunately, you can do a few things that will help speed up your PC in a snap:

1. Close Unwanted Programs

The biggest cause for slowing down a computer is when it’s continually opening and then closing programs. This causes a lot of wasted space on your hard drive, which can slow it down considerably. The reason why such thing happens is that they use memory to open up many applications, making it run very slowly.

To make this problem go away, close down any programs opened in the background and only open them at the end of the task. Or fix this issue by simply running a “task manager” program to see if it can do something to make the system run faster.

2. Clean Registry Keys

If you find your PC running slowly to load pages or even to open and close programs, you should regularly clean up registry keys. Registry keys are important files that the computer relies on to keep things working smoothly, but they also store necessary data that’s causing your PC to slow down.

Cleaning out the registry is the easiest and most effective way to make sure that you’re doing everything that’s necessary to keep your PC running smoothly.

3. Rest From All-Day Surfing

Another cause of slow PCs is actually from being on the Internet all day every day. It’s essential to ensure that your PC gets enough of a workout each day by surfing the net. This will ensure that all the necessary software and hardware components inside your system are being used and not bogged down.

So if it’s getting slower, let your computer rest for hours, depending on how much you’ve used it to surf the Internet.

4. Turn Off Unnecessary Softwares

Another right way to keep your PC from slowing down is to turn off unnecessary software and features you don’t need. Many of these unnecessary programs are added by unscrupulous vendors to trick consumers into purchasing unnecessary software. If you want to do this yourself, all you need to do is open up a “regedit” program and search for programs that you don’t need on your PC.

That way, you can also free up some space in your computer’s memory.

5. Use Your Computer Regularly

Lastly, use your PC regularly. If you have other people on your LAN, use your PC for gaming or just read an email from your work computer. As long as you open it from time to time, you won’t let it go idle for a long time.
If not, your computer might malfunction if its system is left out for a long time.


There are various reasons why your PC might slow down, but there are also ways to resolve it. Check if unwanted programs or software are running on the computer’s background. If so, close the programs or uninstall unwanted software to free up your PC’s memory. You should also regularly clean our registry keys so it won’t affect your computer’s performance.

Moreover, don’t overuse your computer surfing the Internet all day and make sure that you use it once in a while.