Today Verizon has opted to collaborate with R/GA in order to announce the names of eight companies for the Media Tech Venture Studio. These companies will help in developing the future prospects of media which are involved in video making, data analysis, commerce, machine learning, video delivery performance and many other prospects.

The eight companies which are announced by Verizon will work with Verizon Ventures and Verizon’s digital media pursuits on many projects which include upcoming technology projects and the outstanding marketing, consultation, brand making, designing, and technology team of R/GA. The participating companies will be able to influence the group of investors, and other companies which are linked with Verizon and R/GA.

The companies chosen by Verizon and R/GA are:

  • Ad Lightning

This removes bad advertisements and maximizes revenue for publishers

  • cognitive VR

A simple create a brand tool to allow marketers and researchers to share their experience and to make insights using those experiences.

  • GankStars

This is an applicable e-sports organisation. One of the fastest growing startups in the e-sporting arena.

  • Imposium

This company transforms data into videos that make the viewer feel as if the product was personally made for the viewer.

  • ScoreStream

This is a platform for sports lovers and it shows local sports events though at a limited number of locations at the moment.

  • Streamroot

This company improves the quality of online video and also improves the numbers of OTT delivery.

  • Transmit.Live

This company simplifies live videos and allows users to take control of their transmission.

  • Vidrovr

This company examines and tests company videos. This helps to make the main subject of the video understandable and comprehendible.

Each of the companies will receive a fund of $100000. This is a program based on 14 weeks and will be initiating in The New York City. Paul Heitlinger from Verizon Ventures came up with the official word that the companies chosen will get a chance to directly work with Verizon’s units and will have access to the technological findings, research, and networks belonging to Verizon. The companies will not be bound to work only with Verizon. They can work with other companies as well. The program will end in November and every company can present their work worldwide.