Uber has hired Bozoma Saint John for quite the arduous task: clean up after its recent messy scandals.

It can be remembered that the ride-sharing company has been in quite a number of scandals recently, and she’s acknowledged there’s a lot to do to fix things.

This is courtesy of her attendance at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt conference, as reported by CNET, that took place in San Francisco in mid-September. The Uber exec said while she wanted to do everything at once, she has to focus on one aspect of the problem at the time.

It’s not like Saint John is new to the task, however. Saint John moved to Uber to become its chief brand ambassador after her stint as head of global consumer marketing for Apple’s iTunes and Apple Music. Saint John makes history as being one of the few black women to hold a top position at Silicon Valley.

Her appearance in Uber marks a new step for the ride-hailing group, as Uber has been plagued with rumors of a lack of diversity in the workplace, including a bias towards an all-men workforce.

Amongst Uber’s other “messes” are scandals and what appears to be a toxic company culture, which sometimes culminated in rather extreme measures, including a #DeleteUber initiative from some disappointed consumers. It came to such a point that Uber CEO and co-foudner Travis Kalanick had to resign.

Saint John had just started working for Uber a few days before Kalanick stepped down, and Saint was utterly surprised.

These scandals, however, wouldn’t work for Saint John. She understood the chaotic nature of her work, and she’s up for the task.

“For me, the important thing was to figure out how to manage this brand,” she said.

And it appears she’s been doing quite the job. Uber has since then stopped tracking its passengers after trips, and there is also a tipping feature for outstanding drivers. This is thanks to the cooperation of Dara Khorowshahi, the new CEO.

Saint John’s current objective is to further “humanize” the brand. This means telling stories of passengers and drivers, instead of simply focusing on the tech.