iPhone 8

It seems like the wait for loyal Apple customers is about to end. In next few weeks, Apple is expected to release its newest phone, iPhone 8. The launch will also coincide with the company’s 10th anniversary as a phone manufacturer.

This is why Apple is trying hard to wow users with its new launch. Expectations are high and consumers are desperate to learn about the upcoming phone, one of the major reasons why there are so many rumors and leaks about the phone on the internet.

There is a talk about features like no home button, facial recognition, wireless charging, an edge to edge display, and a lot more. It is really difficult for readers to distinguish between facts and rumors.

Fortunately, few genuine leaks allowed us to inform our readers about some of the real features expected.

The Release Date

There is no officially announced released date till now, and unfortunately, there is no leaked information about this as well, but if we follow the pattern of last releases, we can expect that iPhone 8 will be released in early September.

In the past, Apple launched its new phone a week after the IFA technology conference in Germany that will take place on 1st September this year, so probably 5th – 15th September.

This is also backed by the latest Apple sales predictions, which is above expectations probably due to anticipated high sales of iPhone in the next quarter.

What about the Price?

The most important question – price? According to a recent report by Fast Company, iPhone 8 will become the most expensive phone by Apple to date costing more than $1000 in the US. Those who are interested may want to start saving some money from today.

What about the Design?  

It is confirmed that iPhone 8 will be available in three colors. Both black and white colors are also confirmed, but there is confusion about the third color on social media leaks. According to conflicting reports, it will be either champagne gold hue or copper.

It is also expected that iPhone will release three different phones, with different screen sizes and outlook. Most rumors confirm the screen sizes of 5-inches and 5.8 inches. Another version will come with OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen.

Another most anticipated design feature is edge-to-edge display. A recent leak confirmed that Apple will replace the standard aluminum frame in the previous phones with a glass back that will cover the whole front of the phone. The screen with the built-in front camera will also curve around the edges to give it an outstanding look.

For the first time, Apple phone will appear without a home button. Apple will use advanced pressure-detection technology with 3D touch to replace the home button.

What about the other Features?

As the 10th anniversary phone, consumers have expected a lot more features in iPhone 8. Fortunately, it is almost certain that all of their wishes will come true. The leaks talked about features like SmartCam, Pearl ID, iOS II software, wireless charging, and a lot more.

It is expected that you can charge iPhone 8 using a charging pod without any wire attached. Apple Watch already uses the same technology but there are rumors that Apple may go one step ahead allowing iPhone 8 to beam power directly from the socket.

Another amazing expected feature is Pearl ID that will replace Touch ID fingerprint scanner with facial recognition infrared scanner. The facial recognition scanner will be used to unlock the phone.

Even though most of the above leaks and rumors are not officially confirmed by Apple, but it is highly unlikely that the phone will deviate a lot from what we have discussed above. Let’s wait and see if iPhone 8 really surprises us all.