How To Truly Dominate SEO By Gaining Google’s Trust


Google is suspicious a lot of the time due to the thousands of websites that still don’t keep to its rules and guidelines. In order to succeed in the online world, you must first build Google’s trust. In retrospect, there’s three main fundamental pillars of Google’s trust that, when correctly addressed, you can survive when all of your competition may be drowning. The three pillars that you need to focus on are below.

Gain Google’s Trust With These Three Key Pillars

  1. Authority

Authority is one of the first pillars that Google requires in order for you to gain its trust. Domain Authority, or DA rating, is a crucial element on whether Google trusts you. If you have a website that features outstanding content with links from other Google trusted websites linking back to you organically, your authority and trust will increase greatly over time.

Now when you’re new it can be hard to gain Google’s trust because your authority is quite low and frankly no one knows you exist. To help improve your odds you need to start reaching out to other websites to gain quality links back to your website. This can be done by gaining guest post placements on other websites. These sites should have a DA rating over 20+ with a spam score of 1 or less. The higher the DA rating the better chance of gaining authority, and Google’s trust.

  1. Content

The next underlying component to building Googles trust is by reviewing your content. Content plays a major role in whether you become visible on Google’s SERPs. You can’t gain traction with low grade content. Google won’t take you seriously. Instead you need to work on delivering:

  • Content that gives valuable information to your readers.
  • Content that is well written with minimal mistakes.
  • Content that isn’t duplicated. As soon as you duplicate content, Google’s trust is fully gone.
  • Content that is posted regularly.

As the saying goes Content is King, and when it comes to Google’s trust, this is absolutely true. If you’re creating mediocre content, then you’re wasting your time.

  1. Age

Age isn’t just a number, just like a relationship, Google begins to trust you more when it gets to know you for longer. With a lengthy online relationship between you and Google, Google can determine whether they can trust you. Age doesn’t necessarily mean the date that your domain is purchased, for Google it generally starts when your domain was first indexed and discovered by the search engine. If you have a domain that’s dormant, it won’t help you to improve your trust with Google.


Google is very suspicious of new websites, however if you want to dominate SEO and Google’s trust this coming year, focusing on these three pillars will help improve your relationship with the big G.