Now away, together with the development of economic, technology also has leap forward which is bringing a new wave and will likely make a big impact on the technology this year. Therefore, in order to meet with the development and new technologies, the post will introduce top 10 technologies in 2017.

1 Camera 3600

Previously, manufacturers had to spend thousands of dollars building a copy system of the 3600 experience. However for now, users only need to spend less than $ 500 to get a good quality 360 degree camera which can help watchers have large angel when looking at the picture and get more feeling as well as making the likely picture.

2 Gene therapies

It is a technique that uses genes to prevent and treat diseases. In the future, this method is expected to replace drugs, surgery and apply to the treatment of genetic diseases.

3 Solar battery

The new generation of solar cells will convert heat from light beams with energy that is almost double the amount of conventional solar energy, enabling low-cost solar development to remain affordable. Night. This technology is expected to be ready for testing in the next 10 to 15 years.

4 Cell map

This map will reveal a sophisticated and complexes of new biological model that will speed up the search for the drug needed by the body. Studies show that there are more than 300 cell variants in the human body and the number is actually greater. Thanks to cellular simulation technology, this map will allow the detection of new cell types and accelerate the search for new drugs.

5 Self drive

The new technology will make these self-propelled vehicles automatically control when engaged in highway traffic, especially in high-potential emergencies that cause accidents. In addition, more widespread use can be made of self-steering vehicles that can interrupt each other to reduce wind and fuel economy.

6 Pay by face recognition

A slight touch on the Apple Watch to pay for the Starbucks bill has become a reality, and the next step will probably be face recognition to pay bills. This technology has finally been identified as accurate enough to be widely used for financial transactions and other daily applications.

7 Quantum computers

A quantum computer is a computing device that directly uses the effects of quantum mechanics, with hardware that is quite different from a digital computer. These computers use quantum bits, which process mathematical calculations much faster than conventional computers and are used to solve many extremely complex and important problems. In the near future, quantum computers promise to revolutionize the digital world.

8 Cure paralyses

In one experiment, a paralyzed monkey moved back to normal via a man-made electronic interface. Basically, this interface will ignore the damage of the nervous system. Once this technology is completed, the ability to cure paralysis will be much higher.

9 Botnet

Botnets are computer networks made up of many computers that hackers can remotely control. The computers in the botnet are machines infected by malware and hacked by the hacker. A botnet can have hundreds of thousands, even millions, of computers. Botnets are breaking down every corner of the internet and are getting bigger and harder to stop.

10 Tesla Models 3

Tesla Model 3 has been interrupted for too long. The electric sedan can run nearly 350 km with just one charge. At the same time, the price of the Tesla Model 3 is also reasonable, at $ 35,000 before subsidizing the government. IPad 2017 is expected to appear at Apple’s March event. Rumors that the iPad 2017 will upgrade iPad mini 7.9 inch, iPad Pro 12.9 inch. The new version is a 10.9 inch iPad Pro with a thinner border, the same size as the previous 9.7 inch iPad. Surface Pro 5 did not appear at Microsoft’s October event, but it is almost certain it will be available in 2017. Pro 5 is likely to include Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake.

11 Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio was introduced by Microsoft as “the most powerful gaming engine in history”. With the power of a 6 teraflops image processor, 4K support, Xbox One compatible and accessories, this is arguably the most advanced gaming machine of the year.

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