Our lives are increasingly influenced by modern technology and tech products we use. Apple started a smartphone revolution a decade ago, that in few years will be overtaken by artificial reality (VR, AR) devices. But technology is not only affecting our personal lives, it is also reshaping the cities we live in.

As more and more people choose to live in urban centers, many cities are turning to technology to cater to the needs of growing population. On top of that, cities are also becoming more friendly and accommodating for tech enthusiasts, programmers, and tech start-ups.

Here is the list of top 10 high-tech cities in the world, compiled by Business Insider and the research firm, 2thinkhow, based on 10 different factors.

  1. San Francisco

The city that hosts “Silicon Valley” is rightly ranked as the top tech city in the world. It is also the center of everything related to tech in the North America. The city probably has the highest percentage of programmers, developers, and designers along with young entrepreneurs and tech start-ups.

The city also has easy access to fast internet and high level of smart phone use. You can also find self-driving cars roaming on the roads in next few years.

  1. New York

The progressive city with one of the best-dated infrastructure, New York is an ever expanding city that offers you a lifestyle you can dream of in most parts of the world. The city has more than 7 thousand high-tech companies providing jobs to over one hundred thousand people.

The city has also initiated its mega free WiFi citywide technology, LinkNYC. If there is any city that is damn serious about integrating modern technology to facilitate its citizens, it is New York.

  1. London

With a budget of $20 billion, London is developing the largest construction project in Europe, the Crossrail Project. By next year, London will have one of the best high tech and rapid train network in the world.

According to the research company, 2thinkhow, London probably has the highest number of programmers and start-ups than any other city in Europe. According to recent estimates, there will be more than 11 thousand new tech job openings in London in next few years.

  1. Los Angeles

This is the third city from the United States among top 4 that shows US is among the top countries for tech enthusiasts. Los Angeles known for its film industry is also becoming a hub for young entrepreneurs and tech start-ups.

In fact, LA has the highest number of tech-related job openings than any other regions in the United States. The report compiled by LA County Economic Development Corporation also suggested that the tech start-ups generate an economy of $58 billion in LA.

The city is experiencing an unmatched tech sector boom with venture capital playing a major role in developing a startup tech culture in the city.

  1. Seoul

When it comes to cities that thrive on modern tech and startup culture, Asian cities are not far behind. When Chinese cities are emerging as major tech hubs in Asia, Seoul still leads Asian cities as the best high-tech city.

It is known as the city of future for a reason – its progressive approach and willingness to adopt the latest technology to turn it into a high-tech mega city. Other than one of the best transportation infrastructure in the world, the city also record most patents filed every year than any other city.

The city is the birth place of tech giants like Samsung, SK Hynix, Hyundai, and more. Seoul is among a handful of cities where you can find virtual stores in abundance.

  1. Taipei

The Taiwanese capital is not much far behind Seoul in high-tech and innovation. The city is considered as a leader when it comes to industrial design and high-tech manufacturing industry. For years, Taipei was known for its high-tech manufacturing plants and hardware exports, but the city is also emerging as a favorite place for young tech start-ups.

  1. Boston

The city is hosting a lot of high-tech companies that are producing some exceptional modern products in robotics and biotech fields. Boston is also known for its quality STEM universities like MIT and Harvard that produce thousands of qualified engineers every year.

You can also find hundreds of innovation labs and university start-ups that are funded by universities, US government, and venture capitalists. As the city has one of the best pool of talent coming out of its top rated universities, tech giants like Amazon and Facebook have also established their R&D offices here.

  1. Singapore

Even though Singapore is a tiny country, it is known as the educational capital of the world. Other than that, it is also known as Las Vegas of Asia. As Singapore has one of the best educational systems in the world, there is no shortage of talent for tech start-ups.

Singapore is also known for its infrastructure and exceptional high-tech high-rises. You can even find a forest in the atrium and a ship placed on the roof of the building. The city is also collaborating with MIT to design and develop one of its kind transportation systems to make public transport more convenient for people than using their private cars.

  1. Toronto

More than 30% of IT firms in Canada are located in Toronto. Other than its innovative and modern infrastructure, the city is developed into a hub for start-ups in the region.

You can find hundreds of start-ups in the city with less than 50 employees, companies that are still young but emerging fast at global scale. The tech start-up scene in the city contributes more than $50 billion in yearly revenue.

  1. Chicago

The city listed among top 10 high-tech cities may be surprising for many, but in last few years, Chicago becomes one of the top cities in the United States with the highest number of high-tech jobs available.

Another report published by Brookings Institute suggested that the city is leading other cities in the country for urban planning innovation. Chicago is working on a mega urban planning project known as City Digital that will modernize transportation and energy transfer in the city based on latest technology.

Other than the top 10 cities, one of the fastest developing cities is Beijing that climbed 15 ranks if compared to 2016 rankings.