Are you getting tired of checking your Facebook news feed on autopilot? Or have you gotten yourself into an online fight with some stranger who won’t give you a break? Maybe you don’t want your data strewn all over the Internet anymore? Whatever your reason may be for deciding to ditch your Facebook account once and for all, doing so isn’t as easy as you may have initially thought. In fact, you wouldn’t want to merely deactivate your Facebook account as it allows the social media platform to keep everything that you’ve posted there in case you change your mind. You’ll thus want to make sure to delete it permanently by following these tips:

1.) Login and click the following link.

Unlike deactivation of your Facebook account which you can access by clicking the down arrow on the top right and then go to Settings -> Manage Account -> Deactivate your account, permanent deletion of the same isn’t as easily accessible. It could be that Facebook doesn’t want its users to delete their accounts. Thus, they’ve made sure to keep permanent deletion of a Facebook account under wraps.

delete facebook accountBut if nothing can change your mind anymore about permanently deleting your Facebook account, you’ll have to either manually type the URL mentioned above or simply copy and paste it in your browser’s address bar.

2.) Click the Delete My Account button.

After doing the tip mentioned above, Facebook would then display the Delete My Account dialog box. You can click the Cancel button if you’ve suddenly changed your mind. Otherwise, you’ll have to click the Delete My Account button to proceed to the next tip.

3.) Fill out the Password and Security Check fields in the Permanently Delete Account form.

Facebook would then display the Permanently Delete Account form after you’ve clicked the Delete My Account button in the previous tip. You’ll notice there’s still a Cancel button in the form which gives you a final chance to change your mind about permanently deleting your Facebook account. Otherwise, you’ll have to enter the password of your Facebook account in the Password field as well as the displayed CAPTCHA – or Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart – text in the Security Check field.

If you’re having trouble reading the CAPTCHA text that Facebook had initially displayed in the Permanently Delete Account form, you can click the “Try another text” link so that they’d generate another one that should hopefully be easier to read. You can also opt for Facebook to give you an audio CAPTCHA instead by clicking the “an audio captcha” link in the same form.

Once you’ve entered the CAPTCHA text that Facebook gave you, you’ll then have to click the Okay button. Facebook would then display a message reminding you that you shouldn’t log in to your account there for two weeks straight. Else, the entire permanent deletion process that you’ve done using these tips would be all for nothing.



Facebook has changed how we interact with other people online ever since it became the largely popular social media platform that it still is today. Unfortunately, you might have had enough of Facebook for whatever reason that you’re planning to get rid of your account there for good. After all, not having a Facebook account isn’t the end of the world for you. However, instead of merely deactivating your Facebook account, you may want to delete it permanently by following the above-listed tips. After all, if you’re going to say goodbye to Facebook, you might as well do it right.




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