Social Media Trends – Keeping an Eye Out for 2018


“ We are all prisoners here of our own device ”, neither Felder, Frey nor Henley were aware that one day the world will become so literal that this line for their famous composition would actually be a literal sentence.

Social media platforms have increased the user base for marketers to a point where in the next decade almost every person would be reachable through one network or another. Next 3 years are crucial in paving way for the trends in the next decade so let’s check out some trends that can absolutely dominate the year 2018.

Snap Chat!

Yes, snap chat is becoming the alternative to twitter especially because the stories cannot be saved without the user knowing it happened makes most users – read most women – feel safer around with this social media platform. Once upon a time, there were Twitter and Pinterest and then came Snap Chat that pretty much overthrowing Twitter as you read this article. Snap Chat is rolling out new options every day to keep the users engaged and is pretty likely to be the network of 2018.

Location Based Marketing

Geo Location is already in play and although it played out slower than expected in 2017 many experts believe it is going to give marketers the blast they were looking for in 2017. Facebook has already activated features such as “Mark yourself Safe” in a catastrophic event which is based on your current location. Marketers are already taking a huge go at the Geolocation based advertising on various platforms but it is going bigger because more people are turning on locations every single day.

Emotions Matter

For decades marketers have been pushing emotional appeal in their advertisements without making sure the emotional value is received by the user. In the social media world, most users put their emotions first which is why an emotion based delivery is quickly becoming the game changers. Look how snap chat rose to the top with various faces that actually instigate emotions thus providing the emotional value without any false advertising. Though on the other hand, this opens various new avenues for marketers.

Videos will grow Larger

Videos are one section where the users feel free to engage without having any fears, in their privacy, to have a laugh or cry at their own will and whim. Video has never really been out of the play but with video advertising taking a new step with mobile advertising this time more video content is said to be produced especially the content that centres on live events and happenings across the globe. Viral content giants such as Lad Bible has already started offering up to 20$ a piece for user videos.

More to these trends, there are speculations that Instagram would start killing Snap Chat for stories but still don’t answer privacy concern questions however almost every analyst is certain that in 2018 more money will flow into social media marketing and Facebook’s revenue per user alone is estimated to increase by 50% from that in January 2017.