ShutterStock and Hubspot: The Partnership Digital Marketers Have Been Waiting For


Earlier this month, Hubspot announced that they would be selecting ShutterStock to become an exclusive partner to provide thousands of images to customers at no additional cost. With this new partnership, it means that the inbound marketing giant will give its customers access to its image platform by running and optimizing their overall marketing strategy across websites, landing pages, social channels and blogs.

ShutterStock CEO and founder Jon Oringer said that it’s important for marketers to be able to find images in a quick and easy way to help improve and support their campaign. Today marketers need to select powerful imagery which can drive the engagement that is required to bring the best results. With this partnership with Hubspot, the many B2B and B2C customers will reap the rewards.

It’s suggested by the CMO council that up to two-thirds of experienced marketers consider the visual appeal more essential when it comes to communicating their story. With this partnership, it gives Hubspot clients the ability to choose their images from the platform for their promotional material or website and easily save the images to the file manager for use later. Hubspot assures that all images will be vibrant, colourful and of the highest quality which is what you can expect from ShutterStock.

With this partnership already taking effect now. It’s no wonder many marketers are already anticipating this new partnership to be a fruitful one for their future marketing strategies.