Samsung fans very well know that the IconX were the “first” in true wireless when it comes to technology, effectively beating Apple’s AirPods, which sell for $249. Its new Icon X 2018 model seems to be packing a lot of punch as well.

The IconX, released in June 2016, had not only wireless capabilities, but also a heart rate monitoring system. This makes it vastly much more useful than the AirPods, except for its rather upsetting 90 minutes of battery life.

According to CNET, this changes with the IconX 2018. The new and updated device will now have over five hours of life when used to stream audio from any phone. The case itself is chargeable, thanks to its USB-C cable, and is capable of recharging the device as well.

Not only, it packs six hours of playback without being charged. It even has over 8GB worth of storage, allowing you to place music files into the internal storage. Interestingly, runners will have a delightful time with the device thanks to its Running Coach. It provides feedback on a runner’s progress with every run.

It even has Bixby support, allowing you to connect the buds to Samsung’s virtual assistant. It’s best used with a paired phone, preferably a Galaxy device.

Of course, you cannot expect to use this with iPhones either, as they’re designed to be workable with Android 4.4 operating systems on upgraded Samsung phones. It’s expected however that any other Bluetooth device can get the device working as well.