Samsung Electronics mobile business president Koh Dong-jin announced that the technology giant is bound to release a wide variety of other products for its consumers. These include a bendable smartphone, as well as a set of voice-control speakers.

According to Bloomberg, the phone will be released on its Galaxy Note line of products. However, the process will not easy, as there will be a lot of problems to resolve. Analysts themselves said that in order to create and mass produce such a foldable phone with the same capabilities of a smartphone would take a lot of time.

This news will inevitably hype the then-hit launch of a flexible display called Youm in 2013, which is a prototype back then. For the years to come, Samsung has hinted on launching a fully-foldable phone, but they are yet to follow-through.

Meanwhile, Koh also said they are working with Harman to create a voice-controlled speaker. Users can use their voice to do tasks and play their own music. Another venture with the Connecticut-based Harman is to expand its venture of connected cars.

This might be in response to competitors releasing their voice-controlled speakers, including Apple’s Homepod, Amazon, and Google. Either way, it’s unclear whether or not the Samsung speaker will be including Bixby, Samsung’s exclusive voice assistant.

Meanwhile, the newest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has launched big, which is good news as its previous Note 7 iteration was slammed hard in the market. There were 650,000 units of pre-orders in the Note 8 just in South Korea alone.