Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: A Product Review

Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung is currently at the forefront of the smartphone race, but the company isn’t quite done yet. Its Samsung Galaxy Tab line of tablets remains a fan favorite among fans, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 proves why Samsung is a sight to behold even when it comes to tablets. Its pristine sheen and build carries the signature Samsung touch, and its unique specs may very well put it ahead of its peers.


Compact and Stunning

Samsung once again stuns fans with an elegant rendition of their Galaxy Tab S tablet series. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is for all intents and purposes perhaps one of the most beautiful tablets ever made in its generation.

  • It’s made completely of glass, similar to its cousin the S7.
  • The glass design is extremely comfortable courtesy of its aluminum edges, which keeps the device intact.


Perhaps one of the things that may amaze fans and owners is its amazing AMOLED capable screen. This adds spectacular color when used with the S-Pen stylus, which is already included with the $600/AU$790 model.

  • This means note-takers and writers, and even artists, will love this dash of creativity on the already-remarkable device.
  • If the tablet’s asleep, a tap from the stylus will reveal a carousel of your most used apps.
  • You can even set the apps in store for you in this easy-access feature.


Security enthusiasts will have no problems with its fingerprint sensory capabilities. This effectively adds an extra layer of security on the device’s home button.


It has a fast-charging port for the USB-C, and it has a headphone jack. The latter is already a plus, considering the odd move of removing such a feature in recent devices.


Quality Entertainment

Entertainment fans will have all the means they need to stream and watch their favorite music, shows, and films thanks to the quality of the tab’s quad speakers.

  • The speakers, coupled with its screen, makes for some crisp, vibrant, and amazing viewing experiences.
  • Samsung said the quad speakers actually are capable of what is called “positional audio.” This means not only does the video rotate when you turn the screen, but the audio adjusts to you as well.


If you’re not yet sold, then perhaps it may be time to reveal that this is actually in fact the world’s first ever HDR-capable tablet. Other competitors may reveal their own variants in the future, but the Galaxy Tab S3 takes the cake.

This means should HDR be the new norm, you don’t have to buy anything else as the Tab S3 is already more than prepared for such an occasion.


No HDR, Somewhat Slow Gaming

Unfortunately, despite its hype, the Galaxy Tab S3 isn’t perfect. Even if it is the first HDR-capable tablet, it doesn’t quite have HDR features in its content yet.


Gamers wouldn’t have as much fun as they did in other Tab iterations, as the Tab S3 may take time to load their games.


If you’re more of a typer, then it may catch you off-guard that its included keyboard is actually an extra accessory, and can be tad a bit expensive than expected.



The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 continues to impress, and Samsung fans would be delighted to know that the device retains much of the core qualities present in the Galaxy series with its own unique touch.


Its strong sense of style and HDR capabilities make the S3 quite the optimum choice for photographers and those who need a portable means of accessing much of their work files. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 proves that you don’t necessarily have to look plain when you work, because a sense of style always helps.