Yesterday, Samsung listed one of its most anticipated smart phones, Galaxy Note8 on its website well ahead of its official launch. It is not confirmed if the leak on their US website was a mistake or a deliberate publicity stunt, but it was removed quickly. Even though it stayed online for a brief moment but the time was enough for tech enthusiasts to take notice of the leak.

The official release date by Samsung for their latest phone is 15th September, but thanks to the leak, we now know a lot about the features and what Samsung Note 8 can offer us at least in terms of hardware. According to tech experts like YouTube based tech influencer Tim Schofield, there were 15 new features revealed in that leak.

What are the top New Features?

Some of the visible changes to the hardware included a dual camera, Bixby button, a rear fingerprint sensor, and a huge Infinity Display with latest 18.5:9 aspect ratio.  

It is also expected that Samsung has increased the internal storage of its new phone to 64 GB. Experts also claim that the size looks bigger than all previous versions. It was also one of the expectations as one of the core message used by Samsung when marketing this mobile was, “Do Bigger Things”.

The design of the phone is more squared-off than previous versions, while the Samsung Note 8 is expected to have 6 GB RAM as standard, which is an improvement over previous models that have 4 GB RAM. It is also revealed in previous leaks that the phone will feature Wireless Charging and Quick Charging via USB Type-C. The same Wireless Charging technology is expected in iPhone 8, the second most anticipated new phone this year that we all are waiting for.

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So we expect a faster and bigger phone when it is launched in next few weeks. There are still speculations about software updates, so we all had to wait till 15th September to know what the final package contains. The price is expected to be around $1000, but slightly lower than the expected price of iPhone 8 that may become the most expensive phone in the history.