What are the Reasons for Skype’s Constant Downward Spiral


We all remember the time when Skype was launched in 2003 and how it took the online communication world by a storm. Fast forward a few years and it was bought by Microsoft in 2011 for a whopping $8.5 billion. Considering the wide usage of the platform, that deal served Microsoft pretty well.

Ever since Microsoft took over the Skype, it made sure of its availability to the masses, nearly all across the globe. For people who did not have desktops or laptops, the Skype app came as a savior. The service even got built into other programs like Outlook.com for a wider usage. It all had been going pretty great and in its best days, Skype used to make around 3 billion calling minutes each day.

Although, all of these features are still there and the service is still available to a vast majority of people, yet the user experience is constantly getting worse with time. And considering the magnitude of the users’ displeasure with the service, the future of the Skype seems pretty dark.

But, the question is, what is causing this failure when seemingly there is nothing wrong with the service? A deep examination of all the attributes will give us all the answers.

Poor Message Synchronization

Since you can use the service from so many pieces of hardware, the message synchronization is highly essential for easily keeping a proper track of your chats. But, Skype badly fails in this regard and needs to seriously work it out.

Repeatedly, it keeps showing numerous unread messages when they are already being seen on one of the devices. It could have been easily ignored if it was an occasional occurrence, but this is a pretty recurrent issue.

And sometimes when you change your computer or mobile phone, the service goes completely crazy and starts pouring in notifications from months’ old chats.

Another major recent issue with chat Sync is that it starts showing much older messages as unread, whereas, it fails to show any notification for the new messages that are actually unread.

And a lot of times, even when you have already viewed the messages on all of your devices, it still keeps showing the messages as unread. This gets insanely inconvenient for people who have a lot of contacts in their list.

Status Failure

Reportedly, the status feature doesn’t work as it is supposed to either. According to a lot of users, it gets almost impossible to change or set your status most of the times. Similarly, it keeps giving wrong status notifications about other users. For example, it might keep showing someone online, when he would have actually set it to the invisible or do not disturb.

Another thing that commonly happens is that it does not show your status on your mobile’s notification bar. This gets very cumbersome, especially for those people who use it for business communication. Because they constantly have to keep a check on whether the program is running in the background or not.

Disorderly Chat Messages

The main feature of any chat service is to deliver the messages in the order they were sent. But, apparently, this is not the case with Skype. This very basic function of the program doesn’t work properly and it often displays disorderly messages.

There are also instances when the messages do not get displayed in time at all and you get to see them after a day or two. This makes it very difficult to communicate over the text messages.

Nonstop Ringing

All of the above-given issues are still not bad enough to abandon using the service. But, one thing that will make you completely despise this program is its nonstop ringing on all the other devices, even when the call is being received on one of them.

This issue is also pretty frequent, and needless to say, it’s pretty maddening.

Other Issues

The list does not end here. There are several major problems with the calling service as well. The biggest and the most reported one is that the calls keep dropping despite a good internet connection. Sometimes, when you receive a call, the app just freezes and no matter how hard you try to receive the call, it just fails to respond.

The freezing issue doesn’t only happen while receiving a call, it can happen during text messages as well. There is also major voice delay and voice breakage during calls. And the absolute worse happens when you try to do a video call. You are left with neither the voice nor the visual communication.

Considering all these problems, there isn’t one but several fronts on which Skype needs improvement for bringing it back to its original glory.