Pros and Cons: Wireless Charging Phones

Wireless charging lies next to the computer on a stylish wooden table.

Charging your phone can now be done via wireless charging technology that allows you to use a cradle to charge your phone. This technology has been used for years to keep up with the latest technology trend, and for the mobile phone market, several phones use this feature.

Here’s a quick overview of this technology and its pros and cons:


It’s always fun to try out new technological advancement as it makes life easier. With wireless charging phones, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. No Cord To Worry About

One of the main advantages of wireless charging is the ability to put the phone on an even surface so that it’ll not have to be set up on a stand to use the phone. With such, you can comfortably sit down and without worrying the cord getting in your way when you’re not using the phone.

Thus, you’ll get less stressed about the cord getting tangled that it may, later on, be a cause of a damaged charging cord.

2. No Overcharging

Another pro about wireless charging phone is that you don’t have to worry about putting the phone on a charger all the time. The phone needs to be placed near a power source to charge, and you’ll be able to go on without having to get up from the chair or table where you’re using your phone.

Thus, you won’t overcharge your phone, unlike using the standard charger with a cord. Moreover, since it’s not advisable to use your phone while charging with a charger with a cord as it may damage its battery, a wireless charger is the opposite.


No matter how advanced it may be, some wireless charger users have experienced discomfort using such devices.

Here are some of it:

1. Charging Takes Time

A significant disadvantage of wireless charging technology is that the phone must be in a cradle before it can be charged. This can take a long time if the phone is being held on a stand.

Some people find it difficult to get their phone out and then place it back in the cradle to get charged again.

2. Price Is Not Cheap

The downside to cordless phones is that they cost more than other phones that can be charged wirelessly. Most cordless phones will run around USD 70 for the basic model and about USD 120 for the high-end models.

You also have to buy batteries, which will cost about USD 3-4 for each cell phone.

3. Easily Runs Out Of Battery

With the battery life of these phones, they’re not as long as you might think. The average phone will last about thirty minutes, depending on how often you use it and its settings. This is the same for most corded phones that use the same technology.


These are the pros and cons of wireless charging phones. It’s not only a popular technology, but it allows you to use it while charging. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about cords that may get tangled.

However, you also need to consider the disadvantages of wireless charging phones to weigh if your money will be worth it.