It seems Pinterest itself is not safe from alleged political posts from Russia during the 2016 Presidential Elections. This is after a stunning revelation from the website people normally go to for sharing photos and other snippets.

According to CNET, the visual bookmarking service had become a repository for what appears to be political posts from Russian operatives that seem to try to influence public opinion during the elections. They also allegedly tried to “promote divisiveness” inside the United States.

It has to be clarified however that Pinterest itself wasn’t the medium of posting, rather the “messages” can be found on the site when Pinterest users have saved these messages from Facebook and Twitter onto their Pinterest boards.

A Pinterest spokesperson said they have removed the content thus far. They said the “fake” content was so sophisticated that it convinced people it was something they could save to Pinterest.

Pinterest, Russia Political Posts

This makes Pinterest part of the list of companies from Silicon Valley that were unwittingly “used” to assist in the disinformation “strategy” Moscow is being tied to. These include Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

It can be remembered that the abundance of misinformation and “fake news” online has now become such a popular issue. Some even believe fake news have helped create the outcome of the elections.

Just last month, Facebook said there are about 500 accounts that had bought around $100,000 worth of advertisements that target politicized issues such as guns, LGBT, and immigration rights. Facebook has since then sent data to the investigators that are working on the alleged involvement of Russia in the presidential elections.