Opera Web Browser Beta Has An Ethereum Wallet: What Is Ethereum?


Folks who like using the Opera web browser might be in for a treat as the Opera web browser beta appears to have an ethereum wallet. For those who have no idea what ethereum is, however, the addition of such an option might seem a bit weird and out of place. Just what exactly ethereum, and how is this expected to benefit Opera web browser users? In fact, it appears ethereum has more potential than other people think.

It appears Opera added quite an interesting feature to its latest update, as embedded within the renowned web browser is what appears to be a new cryptocurrency wallet. Although quite the limited update in scope, it does signal a huge breakthrough for Opera – as it’s the first of the proverbial “Big Three” browsers in mobile that has a default cryptocurrency wallet.

Opera Software, the company behind Opera Browser, has already made a name for itself opera webas something with a history of making various software programs. However, perhaps Opera Mini and Opera Browser are its most well-known products.

What makes the addition of a cryptocurrency wallet surprising is the fact that Opera Software hasn’t always been the experimental kind of company – they did integrate an anti-mining security feature into their browser.

This is of course until 2017, when it was acquired by Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund. The latter is a conglomerate group of Chinese investors that will most likely want to propel the company to reach new heights in the browser landscape.

Adding a new Ethereum wallet to the Opera Browser application can pose quite the game changer in the realm of cryptocurrencies, and can even be a huge “in” for users who want to try out cryptocurrencies, or have been looking for a browser specifically dedicated to their cryptocurrency needs. This is also useful for those who want to get into cryptocurrencies without being too stressed on all the back end processes involved.

This is also helpful for users, as they don’t have to install extensions anymore in order to handle support cryptocurrency payments on various mobile gadgets. Having an Android-based system to back on also makes it much easier for Opera to handle cryptocurrency payments, as the design in itself is built to be easily understood and navigated by users. Not only that, but Android’s security can help lock in payments from the Crypto Wallet so securely that users no longer need passwords or PIN codes to use the new feature.

As such, it’s touted to be similar to like sending digital cash, similar to online payments. This is helpful for both content creators and merchants alike.

Outside Bitcoin, Ethereum remains to be one of the most trusted, known, and reliable cryptocurrencies out there. Opera having an Ethereum wallet can be the motivation newcomers need in order to try their luck into investing or dwelling into Ethereum. It can be remembered that since Opera Browser does have a user base of more than 350-million users, even having a 1-percent adoption rate can be quite the explosive addition to the cryptocurrency landscape.

Although the wallet at this point will only support Ethereum tokens and Ethereum in its basic stages, Opera developers said they are planning to add support for other cryptocurrencies in the market today as well. Charles Hamel, the project lead, said the primary goal is to accelerate the transition of cryptocurrencies away from the realm of investment and speculation and into the limelight as a means to actually make transactions and payments for its users.

Opera also emphasized its intention to bring cryptocurrency transactions and payments to the mobile application playground, hoping to integrate transactions and payments into the everyday processes of mobile phone users.

It can be remembered that cryptocurrencies have recently made waves in the realm of finances and businesses because of their unique nature. As decentralized and anonymous systems, users can freely and securely make payments and transactions that cannot be altered and forged in the central system. They no longer need a central authority to manage everything as well, as all parts of the system contribute to the confirmation and validation of transactions.

While Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum stands close second. Unlike the former, Ethereum positions itself as a crowdfunding platform that encourages users to contribute projects and assets other users could pitch into and even grab for their own applications – on the condition that users either make projects to contribute themselves or help circulate tokens, which is the virtual currency in the platform.




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