Online Guerilla Marketing Tips for Brands on a Budget


Getting your message across your target market requires technique. Gone are the days when consumers were nothing but receivers in the process of product or service marketing.

Consumers are no longer easily influenced by direct exposure to market offerings. The element of “spontaneity” and “surprise” appeals more to them now on a deeper level.

In response to the transformation of today’s consumers, businesses have sought unconventional ways to market their offerings.

Today, we unravel the elements of “Guerilla Marketing” and how it works as an out-of-the-ordinary technique for start-ups to promote their business while on a budget.

 Basics of Guerilla Marketing: Consumers as brand partners

The uniqueness of Guerilla Marketing as a strategy lies in its capacity to create a high level of attention at a relatively low cost. The tactic doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s cheap. It may cost a lot of cash, but it’s able to capture a large group of consumers. Thus, when cost is divided among the target consumers, the individual cost is lower.

Through Guerilla Marketing, consumers are not mere users of the products or services. Consumers propagate market offerings by creating a buzz about it either through word of mouth which then kick-starts a lasting domino effect.

Online Guerilla Marketing Techniques

We’ve mentioned how successful Guerilla Marketing techniques sparks discussion among potential consumers through word of mouth. In the tips below, we share how this technique can also be increase business exposure using online platforms:

Create a Facebook Page

This suggestion is a no-brainer for most brands. A Facebook page is pretty much a standard operating technique for a product or service to gain a presence online. How does this double as a useful guerrilla marketing technique?

  • Curate your Facebook Page with content that creates strong touch points with your target markets.
  • Instead of posting everyday text status, design a unique publicity material that spark discussion among your followers.
  • Attract attention by sharing amazing photos, videos or mini-blogs to engage people and start commenting.
  • Take note, applying guerilla technique on Facebook entails indirect, spontaneous yet lasting impression among your potential consumers.
  • Check on Thai viral commercials that narrate unique life-scenarios, building up mysterious ad plots which leave people in awe until they found out it was just a product or service commercial.

 Build a YouTube Presence

Guerilla marketing is all about virality. What’s the next best way to earn millions of shares?—YouTube tutorials. Here’s how you can maximize your guerilla technique using YouTube videos:

  • Aside from curating content, you can also opt for creating your own content through videos.
  • Demonstrate your products through tutorials. Bite-size 10 minute video tutorials sum up complicated processes into quick easy-to-follow steps.
  • Viral make-up tutorials produced by normal individuals made them into YouTube superstars loved by a massive number of viewers and even advertisers.
  • You can collaborate with vloggers to promote your product by incorporating them into fun and engaging short videos. Once it’s up online, you can potentially gain a strong following from their subscribers in an instant.

Make Launchings Live on Social Media

Facebook Live and Instagram Stories have now made live streaming of essential events a lot easier for marketers and consumers alike.

  • Expand your Guerilla Marketing Stints through Facebook Live. In this way, you can interact with your online and offline audience simultaneously.
  • Start a poll while making event preparations live for your followers to see. By asking them opinions or suggestions, you are able to establish a social trust between your brand and your consumers.
  • A representative from your brand can vlog during the event. Thus, instead of posting a direct invitation about your launching, bring a fun experience to your viewers online.
  • You can also post updates as Instagram stories. Many celebrities create buzz through their candid and unfiltered daily stories. By keeping things as relatable and accessible for everyday consumers, you are able to strengthen brand touch points without spending a single penny.

Experience the Guerilla Effect

Guerilla Marketing oozes an effect that radiates to a large diversified group of potential consumers.  To make the most out of your online guerilla marketing techniques, pair it up with real-life stints that will turn consumers into loyal advocates of your brand. As a rule of thumb, don’t stick to traditional means of promoting products and services. Outshine your competitors by taking a path less taken. Don’t conform on what’s familiar, always innovate your craft.