One Third Of The Marketing Budget Goes To Mobile Marketing Efforts

Mobile Marketing

A new report from Adobe delivered outstanding results which showed that 94% of IT decision makers and 85% of marketing decision makers have said that their company or organization has a central mobile leadership team that’s in charge of delivering consumers with a great mobile experience.

Mobile growth isn’t new to marketers but this new survey shows that brands are becoming more and more ready to deal with the impact mobile is having in the world. In the Adobe mobile maturity report, it suggests that many brands and marketers are utilising the mobile first approach more and appears to be growing in their overall mobile marketing efforts.

Matt Asay, Adobe Marketing Cloud Vice President of mobile said that there’s been a high acceleration over the past few years with more and more companies coming to realise that mobile is important. He went on to say that companies are now changing their budget over so that their money is being spent more on mobile marketing. It is estimated that marketers are spending roughly $4 million to $5 million each year online on their overall mobile strategy.

Web-first is also recognised as a strong channel and marketers are now utilising both in their overall strategies. Owned media and paid media are two of the areas which drive acquisition on web and app. The other third is spent on mobile marketing programs.

Matt also went on to say that marketers who haven’t kept up to date with mobile marketing plans needs to start looking into what they can do to utilise this every growing and popular marketing portal.