Photographers that dig both style and functionality would love to get their hands on Nikon’s latest offering. The Nikon D850 offers quite the high resolution results with high speed specifications for a camera that is almost the stuff of dreams.

Your Kind of Camera
When you’re a photographer, your equipment is the equivalent to your weapons at arms. This is why you have to have the most reliable of gear. Some photographers still use rather old equipment because they’ve been their most reliable pals ever since they began the hobby. Some understand the need for updated equipment, simply because of faster, more efficient features.

  • The Nikon D850 combines both these needs in a seamless fashion.
  • The camera’s sleek appearance and design packs a lot of punch, thanks to its remarkable signature Nikon technology.

The Basics
Sony and Canon may have eclipsed the previous D800, but Nikon’s new D850 does rise up to the challenge. Its 45.4MP addition is all packed into its full frame and back illuminated sensor.

The light collecting elements present in the device also allows the BSI design to deliver better in low light. It also removes its anti aliasing filter, which means photographers are ensured more details are contained within the sensor.

  • It even allows you to choose with reduced sizes, thanks to its 11.4MP and 25.6MP options.
  • It also gives you the freedom to choose between raw file saving or JPEG file saving.
  • This is convenient for journalists and photojournalists who need to do quick shots.
  • It even has a DX Crop mode, where the perimeter of the viewfinder can be masked to give it the impression of an APS C DLSR.

Lighting, Videos
The D850 packs an ISO ceiling of 25,600, which is modest given its base ISO64 sensitivity. You can even pack up the punch with an ISO sensitivity of 108,400 (Hi2), while landscape photographers can revel with its ISO32 Lo1 setting.

  • It also has a 0.75x optical viewfinder, the largest setting ever in any FX Nikon DSLR device. It even has a tilt angle feature, with 3.2 inch, 2,359,000 dots of touchscreen.
  • If you’re in for the video, it can shoot 4K UHD in FX. On top of that, there’s no sensor cropping at settings up to 30p.
  • You can even shoot Full HD at 60p, and the 4K UHD timelapse movies are even possible within the camera itself.
  • The built in intervalometer in the camera can allow the D850 to create full resolution timelapse videos for you.

Handling, Build
Its very own Vibration Reduction system helps reduce the impact of shaking to your photographs. Meanwhile, its XQD slot support cards of up to UHS II. This further expands your options for memory slots.

  • On top of that, its SnapBridge connectivity capability allows you to be able to wirelessly transfer images.
  • This is thanks to a soft Bluetooth connection in between[ cameras and other smart devices. You can even transfer images on small 2MP variants, or the full 45.4MP variants.

Not only is its shaking and wireless connectivity much more convenient, but its grip has improved as well. This is on top of its amazing magnesium alloy build and weather sealing feature.

Interestingly, if you’ve ever used a D5 or a D500, then you’re pretty much at home with the D850. There are few tweaked controls on the side, but switching in between the bodies are amazingly easy.

  • The ISO button is now behind the shutter button, allowing easier adjustment with only one hand.
  • Its small AF joystick also lets you choose your desired focus. You can still of course use the controller at the back of the camera.
  • Its Multi CAM 20K AF sports perhaps the best autofocus system one could ask for. It has 153 AF points, where 55 of them are actually selectable by the user.

Action photographers would love these, as these allow them to land great shots even when unexpected situations arise, such as speeding cyclists or fast moving people and subjects.

Image Quality, Performance
Its burst shooting speed is impressive, allowing you to take up to 7fps worth of shots. If you want the battery grip attached alongside the EN EL18B battery, then this can jack up to 9fps.

  • The EN EL15 is its standard battery, being the same one its predecessor the D810 used.
  • However, Nikon did manage to squeeze in a little bit of battery life to it, allowing you to get a whopping 1,840 shots worth of photographs with the D850.
  • If you really want to crank up the table with more powerful shots, you can use the electronic shutter to go for 6fps in its Live View mode. If you really need more speed, then you can opt for DX crop and shoot 8.6M pictures with 30fps.

Given its 45.4 million pixels’ worth of detail, pictures will be strikingly featured. Its noise performance with high ISO still produces excellent details with minimal noise. Cranking it up to ISO6400, 12800, and 25600 still present actually decent results.

Photography is an investment much as it is an artform of its own. If you want a long lasting camera that would keep you company for years to come, Nikon D850 is the camera to go. In an age where smartphone technology is steadily keeping up with digital cameras, it seems Nikon is still in the game.