New Apple Messages Camera Effects To Battle Instagram And Snapchat – Will It Win?

new apple message

If you want creative ways for your selfies to appear, you can rely on Snapchat and Instagram messengers to add cute and stunning filters on the go – until today. Apple has finally made its foray into camera effects with its new and improved Apple Messages, evidently to battle the growing popularity of Instagram and Snapchat in the vanity department. However, will it win?

APPLE TEXTINGApple is close to invading Instagram and Snapchat’s respective zones with newer and better effects that let you add fancy effects with what you shoot using its Messages camera. This is courtesy of Apple’s recent announcement back at its WWDC that the recent changes in iOS 12 will have the Messages camera offer more style transfer and sticker packs, allowing you to personalize your Memoji avatars, draw shapes, using “comic book” filters, and others.

More of these effects will apparently be available in FaceTime, which Apple has now allowed support for group conversations and add video conferences with as much as 32 people. This might pose a lot of trouble for services that provide group video such as Bonfire via Facebook and Houseparty.

These effects and features can provide a much more variety of options for those who want enhancements for visual communication. Instead of opting for Instagram and Snapchat, they can choose Apple’s Messages instead of downloading other apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and Snapchat. The new feature can actually be tried out in the beta of the upcoming iOS 12.

It can be remembered that stickers were previously exclusive to message threads, and they appear on white backgrounds. Interestingly, this new update now allows them to overlay them on FaceTime, videos, and photos. This opens a lot of opportunities for new fashion stickers that let you add clothes, mustaches, hats, sunglasses, and a lot of accessories that you can add to your selfie.

Unfortunately, Apple is starting on a caveat as Snapchat has been on the selfie effects game since 2013, with Instagram joining in the fun with Instagram Stories in 2016. Facebook recently follow the trend last year, with all online messengers now equipped with augmented reality, color filters, and GIF features.

What perhaps makes Apple’s Messages unique is its Memoji and Animoji – but Apple has got to start promoting these features much more aggressively in order to get more consumers away from Facebook and Snapchat.



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