Apple is all ready to launch its new iPhone in the month of September. And as per the rumors, the company has greatly reformed the model to push it towards the pricier side. According to a report in the New York Times, Apple is going to price its premium and bezel-free new model at $999.

This will be a major hike in the price as the previous versions cost around $300 lesser than this anticipated price. The current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are available in the market at average prices of $650 and $760 respectively. So, it is unsure how this massive price thump is going to affect the iPhone market.

There have also been rumors about Apple is launching 3 new iPhone models all at the same time. Among the new models, two of them will be fairly newer and reformed versions of the current generation iPhone 7. And the third one is going to have a major transformation.

This will be the highest-end model of Apple iPhone so far, with a completely new design and almost full-screen display. As per the speculations, there could be two reasons for this insane upsurge in price in the new model. First, that Apple will be required to price it higher than the previous versions due to its brand new features and a bigger size.

And the second one is that Apple might be planning to slightly dampen the sales for having a better control over its supply management. But, these are just assumptions and the real motive behind the ridiculous price tag will be exposed with time.

More to Look Forward to

The same report from New York Times also mentioned that the new model will boast a lot of interesting features. As per the report, the new phone will include facial recognition, depth sensing cameras, and wireless charging. There have also been some leaked reports about the phone’s firmware and look which state that the phone will have a much higher resolution display than its predecessors. And it will possibly be lacking the home button.

The launch event is anticipated to be conducted in the month of September in which the company is going to release all of its recent phones. The event might also unleash other products from the company like the latest Apple watch with LTE and an up-to-date Apple TV with a 4K resolution display.

Now that the expected price of the new iPhone is revealed, users are looking forward to seeing some really valuable and never-seen-before kind of features in it that can justify the hefty price tag. While Apple is yet to announce the price, other companies have already joined the race of pricing their newer models quite highly.

A couple of days back, Samsung released the latest model of Note series, Samsung Note 8. The model features the biggest display screen made by the manufacturer to date with a toned down bezel. Samsung has priced the model at $930, which also shows quite a huge stride in the price as compared to the previous version. On the other hand, the company’s highly renowned Galaxy 8 model is being priced at $725.

As per our speculations, this simultaneous surge in price by both competitors is not going have a drastic impact on the market because there won’t be much price difference between both. So, the loyal customers would still stick to their own brand. But for a clearer picture, we’ll have to wait till next month.