New Alibaba AI Appears To Generate 20K Lines Of Copy In 1 Second!

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A human has written this article – but this might not be the norm in a few years’ time. Alibaba has teased the creation of an AI that apparently can generate 20K (as in 20 thousand) lines of copy in a single second – and it’s apparently being used by a lot of companies as we speak. The occurrence of AI-based writing isn’t entirely new, but this poses a radical shift in the future of copywriters – as instead of technical writing, copywriters may instead be positioned to be assessors of AI-based work.

It appears the copywriting days of humans are over if Alibaba gets to make its new copywriting AI the new mainstream. This is because the Chinese tech giant has recently made claims that its new artificial intelligence offering is very capable of producing copy for various company. Not only just any kind of copy – a whopping 20,000 lines of copy, in fact, and all that in a single second.

When asked for comment, Alimama – the digital marketing firm of Alibaba – claimed the development would fully allow brand marketers and agency copywriters to be able to conduct operations much higher in the value chain and have increased efficiency. This is because the new AI copywriting tool will take the bulk of their copywriting tasks.

Interestingly, brands such as Texas-based clothing brand Dickies and fashion chain Esprit ALIBABAare already using Alibaba’s brand new AI tool – and interestingly, other companies will be capable of telling the machine learning AI just what exactly is the kind of tone they’re looking for in their particular copy. For instance, they can choose tones to be heartwarming, poetic, fun, functional, or promotional. It’s yet to be clear whether or not there will be other language versions of the product available for companies in other countries, however.

Moreover, it appears the AI tool is now being used on e-commerce sites Taobao and Tmall, both of which are also under Alibaba. According to Alimama, the AI tool is using natural language processing and deep learning technology from “over millions of top-quality existing” examples in order to be able to create various copies for products and brands.

Alimama also added that advertisers and b rands could even insert various links to any of their existing product pages and click a simple “Produce Smart Copy” option in order to get various ideas for copy.

Alimama said the tool is already being used to create an average of one million copies everyday by marketers and merchants on sites owned by Alibaba such as,, Tmall, and Taobao..

Moreover, the tool will also be capable of making a huge shift for the work copywriters are doing. In fact, instead of just thinking one line of copy at a time, copywriters will now be able to choose “the best” among many options generated by machine, which can greatly improve their efficiency.

It’s explained that copywriting involves a particular degree of low-value and repetitive work that can be made much more efficient. Copywriters may need to create of up to 10 versions of copy for the same product for different kinds of formatting such as product pages, event pages, web banners, and even posters. This can somehow make copywriting a bit exhaustive, when the creativity of copywriters be used elsewhere.

Christina Lu, general manager of Alimama, tried explaining the potential role of humans should the new technology push through. She said human creativity will be the cornerstone for the new technology, which in itself can’t replace creativity. This means AI-assisted marketing will be able to let people to devote much more energy to ensure works are much more creative.

However, it’s interesting to note that this isn’t the first time Alibaba has tried creating better tools to impact the marketing and media world. This April, it’s released a smart banne designer that could reformat and resize ad banners for sites with just a slide of the mouse. It also prided itself with creating 20-second videos with an AI-powered editing tool that’s capable of generating various content that they used in Taobao.





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