People know Elon Musk as someone who does a lot of things. This much is true: the guy did have a slate of companies in a variety of industries. However, in case you haven’t heard, Musk is venturing into deeper science fiction territory: wireless man and machine interfaces.

Musk’s new company, Neuralink, wants to create special “implants” that would hopefully be able to connect any human mind to computers. This will effectively be mankind’s answer to the “rise” of machines with unparallelled processing power. Neuralink was registered as a company that focuses on “medical research” in California. A man called Jared Birchall was also the CFO, CEO, and president of the company.

News of Neuralink came courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, although Musk already mentioned the idea at Recode’s Code Conference 2016. It appears the technology Musk wants to use is called a neural lace. This effectively bridges computers and our brains with a new “layer” just above the human cortex.

If the technology successful, this neural lace can hopefully help us keep up with constantly improving technology. This can be essential as artificial intelligence (AI) may result in faster and smarter robots. The neural lace can help improve the processing power of the human mind, and may eventually even lead to leaps of what we just know today as telepathy: thought transference.

On a more practical note, the neural lace can also help treat neurological diseases such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s. You can hear more about Musk’s plans for neural lace in a video here.

Science enthusiasts will remember Musk for things such as the car company Tesla, and the private space research firm SpaceX. He has also recently started The Boring Company which he wants to fund to literally “bore” (as in drill) an underground network of roads to alleviate traffic.

There hasn’t been much news about Neuralink since its conception, but given the strides in AI research today, Musk may eventually announce some big projects.