Netflix Ultra: Is A New Subscription Tier Coming? Pricier Option Being Tested, Reports Say


Fans and subscribers of Netflix will undoubtedly have an enjoyable time watching their favorite television shows and films, a lot of which vary depending on the region they’re in and the plans they’re availing. However, Netflix might have a lot of surprises in store for fans as reports suggest an upcoming new subscription tier is coming. Netflix Ultra positions itself as a pricier option for fans looking for better-quality releases – or so reports suggest.

Netflix has got a question for its consumers – how willing are you to pay $17 every month if you want to watch Netflix films and shows in HDR and 4K? Regardless of your answer, it appears Netflix is well on its way to release a “higher” tier after its three-tier subscription deal.

The streaming giant is apparently starting to make tests for a new “Ultra” subscription mdm - netflix ultraplan that would increase the monthly price of its subscription service much higher than its “Premium” option that’s already at $13.99. In this Ultra option, it appears the offer will be about $16.99 per month, and would allow up to four (4) simultaneous streams at 4K resolution. Interestingly, fans of the subscription service might notice that this is already offered in the $13.99-per-month Premium plan.

Apparently, Netflix is testing many versions of this plan that would make Ultra stand out from the Premium offering. It appears Premium is set to lose the 4K streaming option as it will be fully transitioned as an HDR, 4K offering to the Ultra plan. If not that, perhaps Premium tier users would only be allowed to have two (2) concurrent HD streams, with the rest reserved for the Ultra tier. Interestingly, if observations are correct, the plans are being tried out in Germany first, with both $16.99 and $19.99 tags – which means Netflix is also currently testing variations of prices for their upcoming plan.

Netflix did confirm that the pricing for an upcoming Ultra plan is legitimate news, and that the company really is testing different price ranges in order for them to be able to understand just how consumers are currently seeing Netflix as a product.

When asked about the scale of the tier price tests, it’s been confirmed that not everyone in Germany will be able to see this test, and may not even offer things such as features or specific price points by the time Ultra is released. This means if Ultra does push through in the next few months or years, its lineup of features may very well be different from what’s being observed by others.





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