Smart home tech firm Nest is knocking at our doors again with quite a variety of awesome new offerings. Its security camera reveal in 2015 already swoon home security enthusiasts, and this year, they are up with more surprises.

Company’s new products are all home security knick knacks, which home owners will undoubtedly be able to use in the near future. Unfortunately, none of them were shown up close and personal to write a worthy review with, but they are stunning nonetheless.

The first of its new offerings is Nest Hello. This doorbell is perhaps the smartest in the market, thanks to its built-in internet connection and various features.

It appears the doorbell is more than capable of smart features, given it has a speaker, microphone, and camera in it. This allows users to talk to people outside, turn the doorbell off remotely, and even talk through their phones.

If perhaps a baby needs sleeping, turning off the doorbell will still allow it to alert you at someone’s presence. This is thanks to a handy warning system that can be connected to your phone. The doorbell will be available in 2018, although Nest has yet to reveal anything about its prices.

Meanwhile, the second of its reveal is Nest Secure, its new security system. It appears the device is a combination of a motion sensor and a keypad. This allows you to go inside and outside of your house securely thanks to Nest Tag, a keychain-like tool. The starter set will be costing around $500, and it will be released this November.

Moreover, Nest also revealed an upgraded version of its security camera, the Nest Cam IQ. It now has an integrated outdoor version, although not much was revealed. Its indoor iteration will also be connected to Google Assistant.

This new move towards innovation appears natural, given Nest is owned by Alphabet, the same company behind Google. The last time Nest unveiled its offerings was in 2015, stunning the world with the Nest Cam alongside its products. Nest also launched the cheaper variant of its famous thermostat, which now costs $170.

This is also their biggest move yet after Marwan Fawaz took over as chief executive in 2016. Fawaz is formerly from Motorola, and his direction may have influenced Nest’s newest offerings.

The Company was found in 2011 and wanted to reinvent and reinvigorate the smart thermostat. It became a full smart home company thanks to new additions such as a security camera and a smoke detector prior to Google’s purchase of the startup in 2014.