Mobile SaaS and Why Your Startup Needs to Build One


Installing software used to be done either through disc or after downloading a setup file. SaaS – or software as a service – changed all that as anyone can now easily access applications via the Internet. But SaaS isn’t the only technological advancement around as handheld devices also started having computer-like capabilities. As a result, you can now access the Internet virtually anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. So why not bring both SaaS and mobile technology closer together? Some SaaS providers have already answered that question by delving into mobile SaaS. If you’re planning to establish a SaaS startup yourself, you’ll need to build a mobile SaaS application as early as now for the following reasons:

1.) The number of mobile device users all over the world is continuously growing.

With more and more people wanting to connect to the Internet no matter where they are, sales of mobile devices have been steadily climbing upwards. There’s no reason for your SaaS startup not to take advantage of that. By building a mobile SaaS application, you’re guaranteed to have a lot more income compared to sticking to developing Web-based SaaS applications only.



2.) Building a mobile SaaS application allows your startup to put out a product that’s exclusively for mobile devices.

You may be asking though if you can simply optimize your Web-based SaaS applications for mobile. While you can do that, and no one would stop you from doing so, wouldn’t it be more practical to develop an entirely separate mobile SaaS application instead?

In case something goes wrong with trying to optimize your Web-based SaaS applications for mobile as you’ll have two platforms to worry about, namely Web and mobile. But when you put out a mobile SaaS application, and something goes wrong with it, you won’t have to worry about your Web-based one as you can let your users temporarily use it while you’re fixing whatever bug had hit your mobile app.

3.) You can more easily track your startup’s income by building a mobile SaaS application that’s completely separate from your Web-based one.

Tracking your SaaS startup’s income can be difficult when you only have a Web-based application as there isn’t any distinction at all as to which users are accessing it with their computers and which ones are using its mobile-friendly version.

On the other hand, if you build a mobile SaaS application, you can more easily identify if most of the income flowing towards your startup is brought about by your mobile app or its Web-based counterpart.



As more and more people are buying handheld devices to access information almost anywhere, it shouldn’t be surprising that the trend in technology right now is increasingly shifting towards mobile. At the same time, SaaS is becoming a formidable presence as users can easily access applications without having to install them anymore. With mobile technology and SaaS both harnessing the power of the Internet and enabling billions of people all over the world to use them, there’s no excuse why your SaaS startup shouldn’t start building a mobile SaaS application as the reasons listed above should tell you. It won’t be long then before everyone is using at least one SaaS application on their mobile devices.



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