Microsoft Surface Pro 2017: A Product Review


Microsoft enthusiasts have been preparing for the arrival of the Surface Pro 5, and they are not kept waiting for long: the tech giant has revealed the newest in its line of Surface line of hybrid laptops and tablets. The Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 does not seem to disappoint.

This time, however, it’s not the Surface Pro 5, but rather a rebranded upgrade of the original. Meet the Surface Pro 2017.

The Pros: Microsoft Surface Offers Better Performance, More Flexible Kickstand

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro flagship product of the year is a big improvement from previous models. It’s only been a few years since the Surface Pro 4’s reveal, and yet the Microsoft Surface Pro already stuns.

It’s improved components give it a much better performance, and not to mention its improved battery gives it more life than previous models. There isn’t much to be changed because most of its core functionalities are already loved by Surface Pro users.

Interestingly, the Surface Pro has gone completely fanless.

  • This dramatically decreases the overall weight of the device, which is useful for backpackers and those who want to bring their work around with them.
  • In speaking of work, its kickstand is now much flexible than those of other variants, which means it’s much more sturdy and can support more weight.

Interestingly, much of the “new” in Microsoft Surface Pro is on the inside. The product sports the newest 7th Gen “Kaby Lake” processors courtesy of Intel. This means there are m3, i5, and i7 variants. Microsoft’s facial recognition Windows Hello system is also integrated within the webcam.

The Surface Pen, if you buy it, also has a whopping 4,096 points of pressure sensitivity, compared to the 1,024 models of the previous variants.

  • Artists will savor this, as this now allows them to draw in multiple angles and perspectives without having to constantly readjust their pen’s settings.

The Cons: Surface 2017 Has Very Minimal Redesign, Much To Be Desired

Should you place the new Surface Pro beside the Surface Pro 4, you’d almost think they’re identical twins. This is because Microsoft opted to not do any dramatic redesigns and instead take the base appearance that is unique to Surface Pro models.

Unfortunately, despite the numerous small yet useful updates, the new Microsoft Surface Pro leaves much to be desired. For instance, more options for the Thunderbolt and USB-C ports are left out because of these minimal redesigns.

Unfortunately, Surface Pro fans wouldn’t get to use the stylus immediately because it’s not included with the base Microsoft Surface Pro model.

Accessory-wise, the new model can get a bit expensive as the updated keyboard covers tend to be expensive. It is after all available in a fabric called Alcantara fabric, which is similar to the sturdy covering of the much more expensive Surface Laptop.

On top of everything is perhaps a big irony that despite the numerous “stand” options of the Microsoft Surface Pro, it’s still not optimal to be used on the lap. It’s not exactly the best “lap top,” pun intended.

Overall, this means though that there really is much to be desired for the new Microsoft Surface Pro. There are still more options available for improvement that the tech giant should’ve at least considered.

  • For instance, the bezel could be tad a bit thinner to reduce weight.
  • The models could at least include the newer USB-C models.
  • There really seems no point in having to buy the Surface Pro and its keyboard separately. They could increase the price and just include it inside the box.
  • It really seems a bit impractical to take the stylus out of the core model in itself.


Students and professionals alike would love the numerous updated features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2017. Its keen and simple aesthetic makes it quite the classy successor of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and Microsoft’s retention of core Surface features will make Surface fans love and appreciate this new device.

While critics may say the Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 doesn’t offer a ton of new features, its improvements on previous features and options make it quite the worthy “reboot” of the original Surface series.