Megalytic Announces Customizable Colour Themes For Their DM Reports


The reporting tool, Megalytic announced this week the introduction of new coloured reporting themes that can provide customers the ability to fine tune their report colours. This new change is the latest features when it comes to this tool and can deliver a powerful platform that’s flexible to use.

With this new change users of the tool can now control colors in all parts of their reports which include page backgrounds, chart colors, cover pages, widget headers, and more. With up to 9 brand new built-in themes that can be edited or used as is, it allows your company to customize the reports to your individual brand or marketing style. Users now have the ability to save any customizations and apply them to new reports with a simple click of a button. Another good feature that the tool can offer includes easy assignment of report template themes so any new reports can then default to this customization.

The theme editor of Megalytics enables for users to view the report on the screen’s right side. The colours can be selected from the left side of the editor. Colors are assigned to separate individual chart series and will become standard for all widget within the overall report. This allows for more detailed control over the colours for each widget.

Megalytic understands that data is important to marketers on a daily basis. This is why they are continuing to improve their services to ensure their products meets their user’s satisfaction.