How To Make The Most From Google Plus In 2017


Google+ has been around for a while now, but many people still aren’t getting the most out of their Google+ account. Google+ is a great platform to not only meet new people but to also communicate what you want to say to a wider audience. If you’re an active Google+ user and want to really enhance your experience, here’s some tips to get you started.

Getting The Best Google+ Experience

  1. Choose A Strong Profile Picture – Google+ prefers users who use strong profile pictures. This generally includes a clear, clean headshot of your face that is easily recognisable. In adding a strong profile picture, you will be taken more seriously with the Google+ community.
  2. Be Consistent Across Your Accounts – This refers to using the same name, image, profile information, and email address across all your different social network platforms.
  3. Write More and Edit Constantly – Google+ allows you to write lengthy posts or whatever you want. This is great as with the right post you can gain better traction with your followers and the rest of the community. Just remember though to always edit and revise your content. If you make a mistake always fix it, even if the post is six months old. This will help to build credibility.
  4. Add the G+ Button On Your Website – To make it so much easier for your followers to like and share your work, always have a G+ button on your website. This will help not only gain more popularity for you and your website, but allows your content to be seen by a higher number of people.
  5. Use Keywords Regularly – When writing content, make sure you use keywords. Keywords allow people to find your post easier which in turn can boost your popularity. Google Keyword Tool can help you to work out the best keywords to use.
  6. Mention Others – If you want to mention people in your post, you can do this by typing either @ or +. This will notify them about your post.

Google+ is a great platform to use, and by just taking these simple areas into consideration you can make the most from Google+ this coming year. Are you ready to make Google+ your next powerful platform?