Link Building Techniques To Use This Year

link building

Link building is a great way to help build your website domain authority and your website ranking. When link building is done right it brings so many benefits. If you’re new to link building and you want to get it right the first time. This expert guide will give you the top tips you should consider when link building. Let’s take a look now.

  1. Search For Good Websites

One of the first things you need to do is do your research. While there’s thousands of different websites you can gain posting rights on, not all websites are of good quality. As a general rule, you’ll want to work on finding sites that have a domain authority of 20+ and that has a spam score of 2 or less. If the spam score is high, it can actually damage your website ranking because you’re linked to a low-grade site. You can find out the domain authority and spam score of a website by using tools such as Moz DA checker.

  1. Write Great Content

In order to be published on a website you need to write high quality content. This includes writing content that is targeted towards the website’s readers. When writing also keep in mind the grammar and spelling, as well as what images you use. Your content should be relevant, informative and answer the question your readers want answered.

  1. Read The Guidelines

On most websites, there’ll be some form of writer’s guidelines. The guidelines will indicate the requirements you need to write to when building your content. They may tell you the word count, image requirements, link limits and more. Always follow the website’s guidelines otherwise you run a high risk of your content being rejected.

  1. Use Trusted Directories

To gain a quality backlink back to your website you can also post your business on trusted directories such as Google Places or the Yellow Pages. Sites such as this give a strong backlink back to your website and allows people to find you better. This in turn can help to improve you ranking even more.


Link building is all about getting it right the first time. By writing content as per the guidelines, and only requesting placement rights on high domain and low spam websites you’ll find that you’ll really improve your efforts greatly. Are you ready to link build the right way?