Light Has A New Smartphone Prototype With 9 Cameras!

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Smartphone newcomer Light might have something in store for photography aficionados and fans. For anyone interested in photography, a smartphone will be evidently their suggestion for a “beginner’s camera.” However, with Light releasing a smartphone with whopping nine (9!) of them, perhaps even photography professionals might be intrigued to try it out.

lightIf you’ve ever been impressed with Light’s L16 camera – which, if anyone forgot, just managed to pack as much as 16 lenses in one device the size of your pocket – then you’re in for a magnificent treat. Light’s just about to enter the smartphone scene and it’s got a huge ace up its sleeve. If reports are correct, then Light has just been experimenting with a lot of prototype phones – the most prominent ones being a phone with five (5) cameras and, wait for it, one that actually has nine (9!) lenses on its back.

According to folks from Light, this multi-lens camera array on its current prototype (the currently-working one, at least) can use this much power to shoot as much as 64 megapixels’ worth of photographs. There are even promises of better performance during low-light situations, and even better depth effects. Of course, this is under the presumption that the build is based on the portrait mode features current smartphones are offering.

Interestingly, this 9-camera powerhouse appears to be Light’s way of starting the shift towards mobile phone photography. Its original L16, while captivating, did struggle with issues such as poor software. While the idea is new, the L16 didn’t offer much to make it the choice versus another good but ordinary smartphone camera.

However, putting this 9-camera technology into a smartphone – either by building their own machine or having the tech licensed to a more established business – then Light can potentially push for its technology to fit a $2,000-priced camera. This even makes it something to be reckoned with, and not just some fancy gimmick product.

Interestingly, Light’s push for the smartphone scene appears to be proof of an ongoing phones race among phone manufacturers, with many releases including multi-lens features anyway. For instance, the HTC U12 Plus and the Huawei P20 Pro already has a camera with four (4!) lenses. LG even has the V40, which is said to have a whopping five (5!) lenses on a single frame between the rear and front shooters. Though if there’s any company that’s fit to be a competitor for this situation, it’s got to be Light. After all, they’ve already done 16 cameras, so they could easily do nine, right?

Those waiting might not have to for long, as it’s rumored that Light may actually aim for a 2018 release for this huge camera.





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