You started your own business. Although everything was challenging at first, you were able to get through it – all thanks to the employees you’ve hired and who’ve worked with you since Day 1. Because of them, the business is growing. You just can’t imagine how you’d operate your business without them, and as a way of thanking your employees for all their efforts, you’re planning to give them a bonus. You think that this will be a great avenue for employee retention and for encouraging others to perform as well. However, you’re still having hesitations on who should you give the bonus. You can’t possibly randomly pick anyone from your employees, right?


To help you with your predicament, here are key signs your employee is a good candidate for a bonus. This list can be the solution to your problems:


  1. They get excited when you talk about the future of the company: For an average employee, your business is just an avenue for them to earn and to pay their bills. But for a high-performing employee, your business is a platform for them to grow and to enhance their skills. For them, they’re not only working to pay for their monthly expenses, but they’re working in your business because they know that they have a future with you.


  1. They aren’t afraid to express their opinions: Yes, different employees might have different opinions over certain issues, but you should choose to give bonuses to employees who know how to express their opinions – regardless if the consensus will object or the point of view is new. These people will contribute a lot to your business as they don’t always agree with what is put on the table.


  1. They can handle conflict: No matter what policy you impose on your business, conflicts will always happen. A good employee knows how to handle conflicts well. As a business owner, you should look out for employees who, instead of deciding to quit when tension builds up, continues to strive for work and injects help when needed. Not all employees have that tolerance, so it’s just right that they’ll be receiving a bonus.


  1. They show responsibility when the situation calls for it: Only a few employees will show responsibility for an error that happened in the business. Most of the employees would choose to take the easy way out – so they’d rather blame someone else for a mistake or deny that they know anything about it. So if you found an employee who confidently steps up and isn’t scared to be reprimanded when things go wrong, make sure they’re included in the bonuses you’re giving.

It’s always a good idea to recognize employees who have contributed to your business’ growth. Whether or not if your employees’ contribution in your business is big or small, admit it – you wouldn’t attain your business success without them. You want to keep them under your wing for as long as possible because employee retention is much easier and less costly compared to hiring new people, right? You can achieve all of these goals once you know the right employees to give bonuses.

Nicole Ferrel

Nicole Ferrel has spent more than two decades writing about law, and continues to do so writing on her next big thing. She imparts words of wisdom to the common reader with her pieces. Nicole is an avid sports fan and loves watching games if she has free time.