JPMorgan Releases Chase: An Exclusive Digital Banking Method For Smartphones


Digital banking appears to be the next logical step for banks to take, but the infrastructure needed to be successful in such an endeavor can be quite the challenging ordeal. However, folks at JP Morgan now would want to take on the challenge with Chase, an exclusive digital banking method for smartphones. This is their way of trying to appeal to a younger consumer market who, interestingly, appears to be more financially aware and careful than expected.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. appears to be venturing deep into the digital banking game, as it’s banking smart phonerecent announcement teased the arrival of a digital bank account exclusively for smartphones. If its reports are accurate, the application has finally been refined and tested since October, and it’s now finally ready to be launched nationwide in the United States.

The digital bank account will be known as Finn by Chase, and it appears to be JPMorgan’s push to appeal to young adults who are starting to become more inclined to do most of their transactions via mobile devices. People who don’t want to be inconvenienced into going directly into branches of stores will also be helped by such a feature, as well as those who want to save money by avoiding the temptations surrounding them in various malls and establishments.

The national Finn by Chase offering appears to be also motivated by the fact that a lot of small and large banks have begun looking for ways to capitalize on the popularity of smartphones as a means to compete for consumer deposits without having to cost too much.

Another similar group that planned to offer such a feature was Citigroup Inc., which initially had only six (6) cities in the United States with physical branches. Its recent March announcement declared that they’ll be offering digital accounts across the country later this 2018. Rhode Island-based Citizens Financial Group Inc., a regional bank, also said they plan on launching its own version of a national platform this year as well. However, these banks don’t want to avoid competing just by paying much higher interest rates.

Meanwhile, JPMorgan plans on offering $100 to users who open digital accounts with Finn and to complete 10 types of transactions with different varieties- such as paying bills or sending money to another person. This is also a good way of helping users be more acquainted with features of the app, as per Finn head Melissa Feldsher.

Feldsher said she believes the customers will be more inclined to stick with their respective accounts once they get to see the kind of features they’ll receive, such as the option to automatically make deposits to special savings accounts. For instance, they can set an option to move $5 from their checking account automatically after the spend $5 with the Finn by Chase app at a local coffee shop.

Feldsher said this payment for Finn is the same kind of rates it pays when users make deposits on standard Chase accounts.

JPMorgan appears to be pegging Finn to be something compatible with “digital-centric” users of devices of iOS devices. However, Android users will be getting their own Finn by Chase app by the end of 2018 as well.

The company also saw Finn as a supplementary addition to their branch-based account offerings. Of course, a lot of people will want to have branches conveniently placed near them even if they rarely get opportunities to go them. Feldsher said Finn will be a great way of attracting more consumers to try out JPMorgan offerings.

JPMorgan currently operates in 23 states and has 5,100 branches in total. They do plan on opening 400 more offices once it starts moving to new markets such as in Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington.

Feldsher said Chase has yet to consider forming a rewards system for credit cards as sign up bonuses. Meanwhile, executives of Citigroup are expecting themselves to pitch a rewards system for their credit cards for digital accounts.




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