Is Snapchat Building Its Own Visual Searching Algo To Find Products Via Amazon?


If you want to take selfies and photos with special visual effects, you may either turn towards Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or even Apple’s new and upcoming Messages update – but of all these apps, perhaps Snapchat takes the cake. After all, what better medium to get amazing selfies than the one that started it all, right? Interestingly, Snapchat appears to want to be recognized beyond its special effects features. If rumors are true, is Snapchat building its own visual searching algo to find products via Amazon?

Snapchat already dominates the hearts and minds of a lot of younger audiences because snapchat2of its creative filters option, private picture-based messaging, and unique 24-hour “stories” feature to share daily happenings to friends and followers. However, rumors point towards a new Snapchat project that appears to be Snapchat’s foray into online shopping – is Snapchat building its own visual searching algorithm to find products via Amazon?

“Eagle” was the nickname attached to this supposed Snapchat project, and if successful could open a lot of opportunities for incoming revenue for the company. This is a welcome change of pace considering Snapchat’s competition upped the ante with similar features, courtesy of Instagram Stories and Facebook’s Days options. If Snapchat’s plans work, they will be a new powerhouse in the potential of online shopping.

The plan is simple – what if you can build a visual search feature that can let you snap a picture of a product and have Amazon link a product listing you can consider buying?

Eagle was first discovered while scouring through the developer codebase of the app itself. This is courtesy of Ishan Agarwal, a self-proclaimed “technology leaker” that’s only 15 years of age. He’s done this by looking into the developer settings of the app, which is relatively hidden within its Android framework – unless you know where to look.

According to the leak, the feature works exactly how it sounds. Barcodes, songs, and objects from snaps will be identified and sent to partners such as Shazam and Amazon. For the latter, it appears Snapchat will be pulling up product pages and seller lists, alongside reviews, of the particular product that was snapped.

This works in favor of Snapchat assuming they’ve set up an affiliate referral system with the huge online shopping and shipping service, as this can potentially rake in huge amounts of revenue for the still-struggling Snapchat.

It can be remembered that Snapchat is currently doing trades just below its IPO pricing of $17. This is because of slow user growth that posted as much as a $385-million lost just last quarter. They also missed a $14-million revenue prediction, which can be a huge deal for financial enthusiasts and those looking into Snapchat’s overall progression.

Regardless, Snapchat’s Eagle feature will steadily align with its slow evolution as an ecommerce powerhouse. It can be remembered that Snapchat also have a Shoppable AR lenses tool, which allows users to just tap a button and create a webpage designed to promote a particular product. Eagle appears to be slated as a part of Snapchat’s growing digital commerce arsenal.

It can be remembered that Pinterest also has a similar feature, and even have retailers as Target as some of its partners. In the Pinterest variation, it’s Target’s mobile app that has the visual search feature tie-in.

There’s yet to be any confirmation from Snapchat on the supposed new feature, and there’s yet to be a release date.





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