Is Microsoft Making A Movies & TV App For Android And iOS?


Technology giant Microsoft may not be done yet creating innovative and intriguing consumer products – as it appears it’s making its way back to software development. It appears Microsoft is making a Movies & TV application for both Android and iOS devices. Just what would this entail?

If new rumors are any indication, Microsoft is apparently planning to make a new Movies & TV application for Android and iOS devices. This means, soon, Microsoft may not even require Windows 10 Mobile for users to be able to view content from its Microsoft’s store. This appears to be an expansion of the app to new smartphone devices.

It can be remembered that the Movies & TV program is already available on platforms working with Windows such as Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox, and Windows 10 PCs. However, customers who buy television shows and films from Microsoft’s exclusive store may now be able to watch content in their Android and Apple devices without needing Windows 10 Mobile.

It appears Microsoft has created the application in order to give people incentive to msoftpurchase content from the Microsoft Store, given they’ll be able to get more ways to watch content. This appears to be Microsoft’s move against Hulu and Netflix as well, given a lot of people have started to rely on streaming services such as the aforementioned as well. However, not all kinds of content are available for viewing immediately for these platforms.

Having a mobile companion app for Microsoft-based content could make in-store content from Microsoft much easier to view and watch thanks to the Movies & TV application even on phones that don’t have Windows software.

It can be remembered that there are already ways to link Android and iPhone devices to PCs, which allows you to browse content across both platforms. However, the new Movies & TV app for iOS and Android would make it much easier for the reverse to happen, where phones could be much easier connected to computer-based content.

It could be remembered that Microsoft has started to move away from its other mobile offerings. For instance, Microsoft said last October that they would no longer focus on making content for Windows 10 mobile. There would be no more new features and hardware for Windows 10 Mobile, and it’s no longer “a focus” for Microsoft. This means a death sentence has practically be signed for Windows phones – which is known to be something phones such as the Lumia 550 has been known to possess. However, Joe Belfiore of Microsoft’s “PC-Tablet-Phone” division did say that Microsoft will still offer support for Windows 10 Mobile for security updates and bug fixes.

Microsoft also ended its music download and streaming service called Groove Music. Now this step for Movies & TV does prove that Microsoft’s willingness to delve into the realm of mobile phones does also extend to collaborations with iOS and Android devices.

Interestingly, it’s not as though Microsoft is a pushover in terms of the mobile space. It’s produced version of its various software for mobile offerings for the past two decades, including Windows CE (1996), and Windows Mobile (2000).

However, Microsoft did struggle to penetrate the scene given the launch of iOS for Apple in 2007, and Android for Google back in 2008. Microsoft tried leveraging on adapting the PC into mobile platforms with its Windows 10 Mobile “everywhere OS,” but the lack of applications for Windows did become a deal breaker for a lot of users.

There’s yet to be a release date for the Movies & TV app for Android and iOS, but it’s reported to be soon.





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