iPhone X Notch Finally Solves Gmail Debacle, Also iPhone 2018 Release Might Be Orange


Despite the Google and Gmail fiasco that has plagued the tech giant recently, Apple in the meantime has been upping the ante when it comes to smartphone offerings for its audiences. The iPhone X Notch is finally able to solve its Gmail debacle, evidently opening newer and better ways to fully access its email functionality. And did you know that Apple’s iPhone 2018 release might actually be thematically orange?

Google finally got to update its landmark Gmail app to be able to work on the iPhone X and its rather notchy software. Not only that, but we’re also getting more rumors about the nature of the newer iPhones up for release these years – including a USB-C charger, new colors, and even a relatively smaller iPhone X Plus. What exactly is there to know about Apple’s newer releases?


Gmail And The iPhone Notch: It Finally Works

Users of the iPhone X will be delighted to know that some better updates are on their way, especially for Gmail. The Gmail Inbox app of Google for the iPhone X is the latest to finally be compatible to the notch screen design of the phone.

This appears to a direct response to Apple’s directive to have all application updates to the iOS to be capable of supporting the display of the iPhone X by July of 2018. After all, why want to change the notch feature when it gets to add a lot of screen space?


Apple 2018 iPhones Might Come In New Colors

IphoneAnother good news for Apple enthusiasts is that the company’s 2018 iPhones might actually come with a lot of colors. Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, said there might be plans for Apple to release more colorful versions of their signature device, including a 6.5-inch iPhone that’s not just an OLED version, but will come in simple gold, white, and black variants. There might be an LCD-based entry-level iPhone which, aside from being 6.1 inches, may come in rather unique variants. These include colors such as orange, white, gray, red, and blue – historic colors Apple never had any iPhone releases with.


Is Apple Finally Getting A USB-C Charger For iPhones?

A lot of fans have started to get excited after seeing leaks of an 18-watt wall charger – but not just any wall charger, a USB-C port charger exclusively for Apple devices. This has sparked rumors that the next iPhone in the Apple family might actually get some sort of compatibility with USB-C to the Lightning port.

The adapter, with pictures of labels that indicated it’s an “engineering sample,” was revealed thanks to a photograph from a supplier. If such is the case, then faster charging may be on the way for iPhones, as users may not need to buy any adapters from third-party manufacturers anymore.


Will Apple Start Getting New Hardware From LG?

It’s been known for quite some time know that Apple has been getting the OLED displays for the iPhone X from Samsung, specifically its Samsung Display. However, it appears growing LG tech might be there for Apple to try as well. Moving forward, Apple does have the option of buying some of its OLED screens from LG Display, as it appears more than 2-million to 4-million OLED screens will be sold for Apple iPhones just this year alone.

Of course, this is quite a small number compared to the number of phones iPhone can sell, but getting LG on board with this can help Apple cut off a few ties with Samsung – after all, their relationship has been on-and-off lately.


In Speaking Of Rivalry: Finally Settling Scores

In speaking of having an on-and-off relationship, it’s interesting to note how Apple has been buying screens from Samsung when they have an ongoing rivalry, and have a fair amount of legal heat with each other. One such settlement appears to have happened over a longstanding patent dispute. It can be remembered that both parties have been fighting over functionality and design patents since 2011, but this time it might finally be over.

Both parties notified a district court that they may be settling counterclaims and claims against each other, though not much has been known since then.


Your Phone Can Be Home For The iOS 12 Beta

If you’ve got yourself an iPhone, you can finally download the iOS 12 beta for non-developers. A number of sites and ordinary users have started to use the beta and have formed their impressions, and it appears updates to the Memojis are quite worth checking out.

Unfortunately, do be warned as this is still a beta version, and as such can be extremely buggy. Be sure you’re prepared to be able to switch back to the older iOS 11, and definitely don’t download this beta on your primary smartphone.


Another Voice App To Boss Around

If Siri has been boring you lately, you can purchase Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and talk with her from your iPhone. That’s right, Amazon Alexa is now compatible with iOS, having its own iOS voice command that allows you to ask Alexa questions or play your own music. Of course, you need a special app open for it to work – but hey, that’s at least Siri and Alexa.





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