As the iOS 11 Public Beta 5 was out yesterday, a week before it was expected, we are now in better position to talk about features that can surprise us all when it will be officially released.

Just like previous updates, the iOS 11 is expected to bring stability and functionality improvements, but this time, the update also comes with some exciting new features. As we still have to wait for at least a month for the release of final version, let’s talk about the exciting new features waiting for us.

The New Features

According to Ben Sin, a tech blogger who writes on Forbes, with the iOS 11 update, the iPad will finally be able to replace the laptop. For those who love to multitask and want to quickly move through multiple windows and apps, replacing laptop or desktops with iPad was previously near to impossible.

But according to Ben, with the new iOS 11 update, it is now possible to open three apps at a time, two using the split screen option and the third one using the “slide over” app. Now you don’t have to go back to home screen to open another app – instead, you can just use the slide over app that allows you to jump to another app.

The brand new app dock also allows iPad users to easily access apps, and to arrange the favorite and most used apps according to your needs just like in Mac.

Other features include updated icons for Maps and other apps, fixed Family Sharing, updated Picture sharing on macOS, and few more similar fixes.

Enhanced Camera Performance

iPhone 7 is considered as one of the best camera phones out there, but the final version of iOS 11 update is expected to make them even better. The new OS will come with more creative ways to capture Live Photos that will also include Bounce and Loop effects. You can also have access to Long Exposure capture option.

Some other expected camera improvements are:

  • Improved dedicated portrait camera feature in iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Ability to use HDR, stabilization capabilities and camera’s flash when capturing portraits.
  • Ability to take more photos and videos with a new High-Efficiency Image File Format.

Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay Payments

The new feature in iOS 11 allows users to send payments to family or friends through iMessage using Apple Pay-linked credit cards. With this new update, you can use your iPhone or iPad for making swift payments.

The other expected improvements and features include dedicated file manager for iPad users, improved Apple Pencil functionality, dedicated driving mode, smarter Siri, better connectivity with augmented reality apps, better keyboard, and an updated outlook of App Store.

YouTube 2.0 for Android TV: Big Disappointment or Success?

Last month, upgraded YouTube app for Android TV was released after the months of claims made by Google that the new version is extensively redesigned to improve the user experience. A month into the release, the feedback from users is not as promising as the promises made by YouTube at the time of launch.

In fact, many of the tech gurus and users claimed that the previous version was much better than the latest 2.0 version. It is rated as limited in functionality even though the interface is improved.

The Negatives

Even though the latest update came after more than a year (14 months to be exact) after the release of the previous version, but the changes made failed to satisfy Android TV users, at least most of them.

Other than the few positive interface changes, the functionality of the newer version is lacking. One of the major complaints is its failure to allow users log in with brand accounts. This means, those who have brand accounts, will have no longer access to their saved playlists, preferences, channels, and purchases.

Even though YouTube support acknowledged the problem and promises to resolve this issue in next update, but no time was mentioned.

The new version for Android App offers the same user experience and interface as that makes the app essentially a web wrapper, creating performance issues. As there is a lack of native application, many users complained about bugs or sluggishness while accessing the app.

It is also reported that many users have rolled back to the previous version immediately after switching to the newer version.

The Positives

Even though the new version is overall a disappointment for most users, there are some positives as well. The interface is now redesigned to make YouTube more in-line with other platforms. Now, users have better access to different sections and YouTube categories on their Android TV.

Previously, there was a big red control bar on the video player that hides the major chunk of video, that is now replaced by a very thin bar with transparent control buttons increasing video visibility.

The only major issue that was reported previously and resolved with the newer version is Auto-Play. Now users can turn the Auto-Play off, something not possible with the previous version.

Simply put, it is more than evident that the latest update by YouTube for Android TV failed to address many requests users had for last few years. In fact, for some users, they have made it worst. The fact that the app is rated 2.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store, with almost 50% of reviewers giving it 1 out of 5, says a lot about this upgrade.