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Importance of Proper Guidance in Addiction Recovery


You’ve been an alcoholic all your life. You started drinking when you were still young, and after a few years, you can’t function well without drinking a bottle of beer on a daily basis. You also drink and drive, and you’ve caused car accidents in your time. And since you’re not getting any younger anymore, the ill effects of alcohol on your body starts to show. You’ve been having an increase in blood pressure and was diagnosed with liver damage. You’ve been sick lately, and you have been experiencing a decreased libido. Because of these things happening to you, you decided to turn over a new leaf; you’re now firm to let go of your old ways and try to live healthy. However, living an alcohol-free life is not easy.

You’ve been accustomed to consume alcohol in large amounts frequently, and you know change can’t come overnight. Alongside the therapies you’d made for your alcohol recovery, proper guidance can help you get through this phase faster. This article will shed some light on the importance of proper guidance in addiction recovery and this information can be very useful, especially that you’re now trying to let go of your addiction.


  1. With proper guidance, you’ll be motivated: It’s difficult to go through addiction recovery, especially when you’re doing it alone. You might see yourself one day without no direction and reasons on why you’re doing all of this in the first place. But once you seek proper guidance from your spouse, for example, this can help.


  • When you’re alone in the recovery process, no one will reprimand you when you’re facing relapse. No one will look after you all the time, so chances are, you’d be easily tempted to revert to your addiction. When this happens, all of your attempts in the past will be useless, and you’ll be back to square one.



  1. With proper guidance, a recovery plan is made for you: There are a lot of “how-to” tips on the internet which can help you in your addiction recovery, but their effect on your case is uncertain. The same goes for treatments and therapies used by your friends in treating their addiction.


  • Proper guidance also means you have to tap the help of the professionals. Once you do, you can ensure that you’ll be getting a treatment tailored-fit for your situation and severity of your addiction. The treatment you’re getting from professionals is guaranteed to work for you.


  • Addiction recovery is a long process, and you don’t want to wake up one day to realize that all of your time and efforts are useless, right? When you seek proper guidance from professionals, you can guarantee that all of your attempts are actually geared towards addiction recovery. Everything you’re doing is for a reason.


  1. With proper guidance, you’ll learn how to deal with peer pressure: One of the reasons why you’ve started to drink alcohol is because of peer pressure. Your friends, when you were still young, might have influenced you to drink and through the years, that habit has gradually become an addiction.


  • Some therapists can help you towards your addiction recovery. Once you work with them, you’d also be taught how to deal peer pressure the right way. You’ll be given the reasons to choose your friends wisely, and this is for a very good reason, too – for you stay away from people who might tempt you to become an alcoholic again.


  • Aside from the therapists, the presence of your spouse can aid you in dealing with peer pressure. Your spouse is one of the people in your life who will always look after your well-being. If they see that a certain person pressures you towards your addiction again, for sure, they’ll take the time to talk you out of it so you won’t end up being an alcoholic again.


Regardless if you seek proper guidance from the professionals or your spouse, all of their help will go a long way towards your addiction recovery. Yes, there will be a lot of struggles along the way, but you don’t have to be in this phase alone. There are a lot of people who can help you achieve your goals easier and faster.


Key Takeaway Points


When you’re trying to live a brand new life, one which is free from any addiction, you should be able to make use of all the techniques available to you. Some of the things you’re going through towards your addiction recovery might be challenging, but all of these will be worth it in the end – and you should be willing to take those challenges. Proper guidance can help you in this process in more ways than one. Once you’re able to understand how proper guidance works, for sure, you’ll no longer take this for granted. You should be able to incorporate proper guidance in your addiction recovery, and you’ll be a step closer to achieving your goal!


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