There was an announcement by IBM this Tuesday, stating they have cooperated with Kroger, Walmart, and multiple other food companies. And the purpose of this collaboration is to make use of the blockchain technology for tracing the source of crops during the possible outbursts of food-borne diseases.

According to IBM, this technology, which they are describing as a distributed journal, hunts down the whole origin of the food. This includes the tracing of the place where the certain food product was harvested, how long after it was picked, where it was taken to from there, and how exactly was it consumed. There are several applications for managing this whole data. But, according to IBM, this technology can greatly enhance the safety of the food.

The firm said that it generally takes up to months for the for the health execs to precisely hunt down the root of diseases that are caused due to adulterated and polluted food. For example E. coli or Salmonella. But, with this technology, this time duration can be cut down to a huge extent.

According to a press release, IBM stated that from farmers to distributors to final consumers, each and every contributor of the worldwide food supply chain will be able to have access to all the available and authentic facts about the source and quality of the food.

The company further said that this technology will help the food suppliers and all the other members of the supply chain to easily hunt down the polluted and problem product to its origin in a much shorter time period than usual. And due to that, it will be easier to remove those products from the stores to curtail the spread of diseases.

There are several other companies that are joining the cause and are collaborating with IBM, which includes many renowned names like Nestle, Unilever, Dole, McCormick and Company, and a few more. Thus far, they have tested the technology and are looking forward to teaming up for finding out other ways for putting it to use.