Huawei looks ready and poised to take on the big shots in the smartphone race as it appears the Chinese telecommunications giant has just dethroned Apple in the market.

Statistics from Counterpoint Research shows that Huawei’s remarkable pace has been enough to surpass Apple in the smartphone market for what appears to be the first time in the company’s history.

The Counterpoint reports showed that Huawei beat Apple in sales last June and July. This is extremely likely in August as well. While the firm didn’t share raw statistics, it did show that Huawei and Apple were on a tight race at 12-percent shares last July, with Huawei just barely surpassing the iPhone makers. Samsung continues to dominate with over 20-percent sales share.

This is the first time another firm has provided research that says Huawei really did beat Apple in the race. After all, Huawei did declare surpassing the company in sales in December of last year.

Huawei should continue its performance should it want to retain its status, however, as it seems its lead above Apple is just small enough to be overtaken. This status is also likely as the iPhone 8 will have a fall release, leaving the summer a vulnerable time for Apple.

However, Huawei does appear to be prepared to impress fans and tech enthusiasts. Its new Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro are marketed to be better than the iPhone. Both devices will be shown in Germany this October 16.

Looking at the statistics, it is true that Huawei really did have splendid performance in sales. It after all sold more than 73-million of its units early this year. Unfortunately, Huawei still doesn’t have a “signature” device to captivate fans. This is highly unlike other smartphone powerhouses with their Galaxy Ss, iPhones, and Oppos. Another problem is over-exposure in certain markets, such as Europe, China, and Latin America. If Huawei really wants to maintain its status in the race, it will have to make a foothold in other countries as well.