If you want a good quality VR headset but finds them too expensive, it is probably the time you can afford HTC. The HTC Vive, that was available for $799, is now available for only $599, the company announced yesterday.

According to the statement released by HTC chairwoman, Cher Wang, “Our goal at Vive has always been to offer the best and most advanced VR system and drive mass market adoption for VR across the globe.

Wang claimed that Vive is moving forward with its goal to make VR technology more accessible to common people. The best news is, you can have the same quality features with HTC Vive with any other expensive model.

The HTC Vive features two sensors and two motion controllers that make “room-scale” VR experience a possibility. This allows you to walk around within a small space to explore the virtual worlds. You can also have access to a free trial for a Viveport subscription that offers up to 3600 titles to choose from under paid subscription.

Price Drops across the Board

But it is not only Vive that dropped the price of its VR set. In fact, it is possibly a response to what their main rival Oculus did few month ago. It looks like with increasing competition among VR headset manufacturers and growing demand, all major manufacturers want to have access to the mainstream market. In March, in a similar move, Oculus also dropped the price of its popular Oculus Rift VR headset by $200 that is now available for only $499, even cheaper than Vive.

This trend only shows that VR headsets will soon become affordable for many people who can’t afford them now. There was already speculation for some time that VR headsets prices will soon crash. Apparently, it looks like it is happening right now and will continue for next few years.

According to one research conducted by research firm Tractica in 2016, the VR headsets prices will drop by 15% each year. In 2014, the VR market was only $108.8 million that is expected to reach $12.8 billion in next 3 years. This is why all top companies who are currently investing on their VR headsets want to decrease price to make it affordable for more and more people.

All in all, it is good news for VR enthusiasts. There is a lot of upcoming cheaper VR hardware and software in the pipeline that we will discuss with our readers soon. Keep reading our blog to learn about all the latest developments in the tech world.