Apple fans may already have had installed iOS 11 in their devices by now, but did you know there are actually hidden tips and tricks inside the new software update that’s bound to upgrade your camera? If you’re using the iPhone 7 Plus camera, you’re in for a treat. Here’s how to maximize your iPhone 7 Plus camera for iOS 11.


If you’re a photography enthusiast, you may somehow be perfectly aware of the stunning magic the iPhone 7 Plus camera can provide for your daily affairs. This is especially since the iPhone 7 Plus actually comes with a telephoto lens aside from its wide-angle starting lens.

The iOS 11 actually takes advantage of this second lens and provides quite a ton of new upgrades.

  • First, you may have to remember and take in mind that the second telephoto lens provides twice or much optical zoom.
  • Second, it’s also helpful to remember that it’s thanks to the second lends that we get a new Portrait Mode. This allows us to make use of the famed bokeh feature.

Now, here are some more tips and tricks that have arrived for your second camera lens.

  1. iOS 11: Portrait Mode is Permanent No More

Some users of the second lens may be annoyed that the depth effect stays with almost all photographs. This requires photographers to continuously adjust the depth effects of their iPhones in order to get their bokeh just right. Not anymore.

You can now go back to edit photos that are shot with this Portrait feature with your blurred backgrounds. If you think the phone didn’t get the depth correctly, you can actually just opt to remove the feature from the photo entirely.

  • To do this, open your desired photo and click Edit.
  • You can see the Depth icon on top highlighted in yellow. You can tap it to remove the effect.
  • You can also tap the Depth icon again to get the effect back.
  • You can then click Done in order to save your photo.
  1. Flash Arrives in Portrait Mode

You may have noticed that once you use Portrait mode, a lot of the camera’s features are disabled. This includes the flash option. Now, thanks to iOS 11, you can actually use flash alongside the Portrait mode.

  • This is extremely useful as Portrait mode tends to underperform when in dark or low light environments.
  • You can enable and disable flash with the small lightning bolt on the upper left of the screen.
  1. iPhone 7: High Definition Is The New Deal

Features such as the high dynamic range (HDR) tends to disable other parts of the camera as well. The iOS 11 allows you to integrate the magnificence of HDR with the Portrait mode.

  • This allows you to use the HDR’s three exposure levels to your advantage.
  • You can do this by tapping the HDR icon on top in order to toggle it on and off.
  1. Filters Abound

Portrait mode in the iOS 11 also comes with its own filters. There are currently nine to choose from. You’re free to test these out with your photographs and remove them when necessary.

  1. More Stability

You may have no direct control over the OIS (optical image stabilization) with the iPhone 7 Plus, but the iOS 11 brings major upgrades to the feature on your phone. You can now have less jittery effects and shaky movements thanks to the OIS.


The iOS 11 has come to a time when photographers need all the help they could get to have their devices become their very own miniature cameras with all the features they need.

If you have the iPhone 7 Plus and the second camera, you will undoubtedly enjoy a lot of new features that could help maximize your photography needs. Did you enjoy the new iPhone 7 Plus camera for the iOS 11 update?