No matter how much of a gadget savant you are, you know your tablet can only do so much. Much as it is an efficient gadget of its own, it’s a travel hazard especially if you have to work outside the house. However, what if there was a way to make your smartphone as good as your tablet?

Use Tethering Technology
Did you know you are capable of creating your very own Wi Fi hotspot with your phone You don’t have to bring your tablet with you anymore, as your device itself can act as your portable internet connection.

For Android phones, you can easily search for the Tethering and Portable Hotspot option in the settings. Once you turn this on, you’re good to go.
● This will prompt the phone to create a Wi Fi network that’s protected by a special password that you can use, similar to a home based Wi Fi.
● For the iPhone, this can be found along Settings, and then Mobile Data, and then personal Hotspot. This allows you to make your own iOS hotspot.

Of course, it’s important to remember that these names may vary in other devices.
It is also important to check and look into the contract you have beforehand. For instance:
● Is your device allowed to tether? Sometimes, most new contracts allow this, but Pay As You Go options from those like Virgin Mobile and UK’s Three do not allow this.
● It’s best you look into the terms and conditions of your mobile plan before attempting this.

Also, be careful with the data you’re using when you tether, as there’s a cap that should be followed by your phone or it’ll get slower.

Get a Personal Wi Fi Service
Another solution to your tablet woes is to sign up for a Wi Fi service in your area. It may surprise you to realize that this actually covers quite a lofty surface area.
● You have to look into your local area to find one that suits your needs. After all, it does seem like a bummer when you can find a Wi Fi hotspot, but you have to pay to use it.
● However, you can sign up for longer contracts for cheaper extensions. It may be best to check in with your service provider to get a clearer view of these plans.

Maybe Your Plan Already Has Wi Fi?
It may be helpful if you check the extent of your mobile plan yourself, as you may actually have access to good Wi Fi hotspots in your area.

For instance, Virgin Media has a ton of fast Wi Fi hotspots for its customers. This is even if you already have a home deal with them.

You Can Get A Mobile Wi Fi
If you want to get internet access without worrying about your own data, then perhaps a mobile Wi Fi or a pocket Wi Fi is good for you. This is something you can get with your phone network.
● This is also commonly used with its own SIM card and it has its own data allowance.
● It has its own data network you could use the way you use regular Wi Fi. It has good battery too as it can last you around four to five hours in charges.

In today’s age of technology, we have more than enough means to bring our work with us. However, until we reach an age where we can simply use the power of thought to do work for us, we may have to start to work smarter. These methods listed above are just some of the many ways you can work smarter, and maybe next time, you’ll have a platoon of smartphones doing work for you.