Video editing can be a delightful hobby and a fruitful source of labor provided you have the hardware and software for it. However, it’s difficult to bring your work with you when you can’t bring precious hardware outside for work.

However, what if you can edit videos online? Movie Maker Online makes this possible.

Get Acquainted
Movie Maker Online is an amazing software but unfortunately it does need a little getting acquainted to. Like with all video editing software, it does have its tendency to engulf new users into loads of features.

To start, look for the yellow rectangle that has different headings such as Main and Background, and you will see a yellow column on its right side.
● This rectangle will be the overall timeline for your videos and effects.
● Meanwhile, the column towards the right will be your overall list of resources, such as images and video.

You have to remember that Movie Maker Online is a free software, so it’s going to be powered by tad a bit of advertisements as well from time to time.

Upload Your Resources
Load your folder of footage you want to use. Essentially, you can drag and drop your resources to the column on the right. It will be added to the timeline with the heading Main alongside thumbnail images.

You have to move the mouse to the part where it says Main and a gear icon will appear. This allows you to edit your new clip.

Edit Your Footage
By the time you place your footage, you’ll be able to edit it using a lot of controls. These will allow you to edit things such as volume, zoom effects, speed, video size, filters, and even fades.
● You can also trim by dragging the arrows on the side upwards and downwards.
● If you’re done ending the clip, then choose To Main at top.

Feature Audio
Movie Maker Online also affords you the opportunity to add a wide variety of audio files the way you do your video clips. However, you also have the opportunity to use royalty free tracks from their main editor.
● There are genres and themes on the search box, allowing you to see if your preferred artists have royalty free music.
● There are even clips available for you to check and preview.

When you’re done, the music will then be finally added to the project and trimmed to match the video’s desired length. It wouldn’t replace the audio of your video, rather just place it on top of the video

Insert Your Text
If you want to add captions, titles, and credits to your video, then you are also free to use the text entry options to click and drag it to whatever part of the clip you want.

It can fade in and out, set fonts, change the size and positions, and even get filters.

Export the Video
By now, you should have familiarized yourself with some of the basic editing features of Movie Maker Online. Feel free to add more footage, files, and texts as with the method above.

If you’re ready to get your video, then click the Make and Download button. You can also enter your email in the text box, as it will notify you via email if the video is now ready.
Just don’t close your browser tab, or your progress will be lost.

It takes a bit of time to learn, but Movie Maker Online is an amazing asset if you have to make videos in a pinch, and over the Internet. This is extremely useful for “same day edit” services and other things you may have to do quickly.